Why Social Media and Content Marketing should go Hand-in-Hand

Social media and content marketing - you can not have one without the other!
Crafting the most excellent content marketing strategy should not only be about getting it read by search engine-derived visitors and your usual audience. It should also be about getting it shared and re-shared on social media. To do that, you not only need content that has been optimized for social media sharing but you also need the audience.

 Getting it Shared far and Wide

 Seeing a piece of content catch fire and spread across the internet can be a thrill! The basics of this, as so many content marketing experts will tell you, is ensuring the content is of a high quality, having it be optimized for social media (such as a ‘how to’ or a case study), and having it be from a source that the audience can trust. This is just the beginning however towards getting those shares. There is WAY more to content marketing on social media than these few rules.

 You Need the Audience

 Above other factors, you need the right audience. Research has shown that users who encounter posts on social media rate the value of that post according to who shared it with them. Therefore, when it comes to spreading your content, you need to find a way to build an audience of people that other people are willing to trust and value.

 The Three Tiers of Fans

 This is difficult because many companies only promote their content to people who are already fans. The real job should be getting it to the second and third tier of fans, beyond the people who are already engaged with your brand on social media. The first tier are people who already follow your brand. The second tier are people who follow the people who follow your brand. The third tier are the followers of the second tier. Evidently getting exposure to second and third tier fans depends on the quality of the first tier. Common questions you might want to ask yourself in determining whether you have the right audience for social media sharing include how likely your audience is to function as trusted sources for their followers.

 Take a Good, Thorough Look at your Audience

 How good your social media audience is depends on how well your followers are aligned identity-wise with your brand and your brand’s themes, whether you have members of your audience that could be considered influencers, how many followers individuals in your audience has, and how often your follower base engages with your posts.

 Building a High Value Audience

 How to build a high value audience begins by ensuring that the accounts you engage with and follow are legitimate, relevant accounts. Next, you should build the reputation of having high-level content and interesting, shareable posts. Thirdly, regularly engage with your fans. If your followers feel as if they are personally connected to you or your brand, they will be more likely to share a post from you. Fourthly and finally, identify those who are willing to push and promote your brand, and focus on building a relationship with them by re-sharing their content and engaging with their posts.

 A final note

 Content marketing and social media are brothers in arms. They should always be considered side by side with one another. Any effective content marketing system will consider the benefits of social media marketing and any successful social media marketing campaign would have accomplished their goals based off being able to deliver high quality content.

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