Learn How to ‘Open Closed Eyes’ in Photoshop, using AI Smarts

 Are you one of those people who always has their eyes closed in photos?The new 2018 version of Adobe Photoshop Elements has included a new ‘Open Closed Eyes’ feature that will give users, for the first time, the opportunity to automatically open a person’s closed eyes.

 This is welcome news among photographers. The difficulty in capturing the perfect photo can sometimes be ruined by someone with their eyes closed in the shot. Currently, what editors do to compensate is by cloning that person’s eyes from an alternate shot. Thankfully, due to this new feature, this is so much easier.

 For Amateur Photographers, Life Just Got Easier

 Photoshop has literally hundreds of effects that would take months for any experienced editor to test and refine. Photoshop Elements is a more basic version of Photoshop, simplifying many of the more advanced techniques and is a better piece of software for beginners.

 Among the other new features that will be included in Elements are being able to turn a photo into a watercolor painting, automatic ghost-esque double exposures, and adding shape overlays to any photo, making this software a must-have for anyone into scrapbooking.

 Better yet, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 will even analyze thousands of photos, intelligently choosing the best shots to present to you. Its algorithm calculates this based on visible faces and other variables related to the technical quality of the shot. Swapping out the background of a photo can also easily be done in one-click. Of course, things can get more complex but for the most part, these features are manipulated through simple dragging and dropping. This new development will no doubt benefit bloggers, marketing companies and many other creative types by providing a quick-fix solution.

 Open Closed Eyes is not Magic – But it’s Close!

 ‘Open closed eyes’ does not magically invent eyes nor does it calculate something that is not already captured in a photo. How the ‘Open Closed Eyes’ feature in Photoshop Elements works is first, it asks users to specify which face in an image has closed eyes. Then, a user must select alternate shots where the person’s eyes are open. From there, the software automatically selects a set of eyes that best matches the closed eyes in the photo indicated.

 To Buy Photoshop Elements or Photoshop

 Though more advanced users will likely always prefer to work within Photoshop’s framework, the $100 alternative can no longer be suggested to be a lesser quality version of the program. There are some more complicated features that the software does not reproduce but for the amateur-turning-professional photographer, Photoshop Elements more than does the trick.

 It will be interesting to see in the coming years the other ways in which artificial intelligence is used to streamline workflow in Photoshop Elements. The results with each passing year seem to be more and more impressive. Purists may frown upon taking ‘the easy way’ but if it gets the job done, you can’t argue with that. Powered by a machine learning framework, features such as ‘Open Closed Eyes’ are expected to get better and better with each software update.

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