9 Content Engagement Strategies that Work

9 content engagement strategies that workContent engagement strategies that work can help you up the number of visitors, increase conversion rates, and help a website build its audience slowly over time. There is an art to creating engaging content and yes, it may take some practice. But going off of these nine content engagement strategies, you are bound to see major improvements in no time.

 Get your Site in Order

 Studies have shown that in delaying your web page loading by as much as a single second, you increase your bounce rate by 56 percent. Before you get going with any content engagement metrics, optimize loading speed, responsiveness, and be weary of how many ads you use to fill a page.

 Pay attention to Aesthetic

 How you package your content is just as important to a visitor as to what is contained in the content. Consider the type of font you use, the way you want to present the information with images, the size of the font and images, and the color you use. Pay attention to competitors, specifically on these points.

 Hook them with a Title and Opening Line

 The beginning and first exposure sets the tone. Make it a catchy headline and an exciting introduction to get them hooked. Ask questions a reader can relate to, surprise them, make them curious, use statistics to craft an argument, or be unexpected.

 Visual Aids are Important

 Creating engaging content goes hand in hand with creating visual content. The written word will engage more people if images, illustrations, screenshots, and/or charts are paired with it. Studies have found that articles with images get as much as double the shares as articles without any.

 Incorporating Video is a Winner

 Pages with videos get up to 88 percent higher engagement than pages with just text and images. In today’s landscape of content engagement, creating or embedding a video into your content adds credibility and excitement. Video marketing should be a priority!

 Use Data

 Statistics, studies, and data make any argument more convincing. Don’t overuse citations and references but be aware of the latest research and development in your space. The skilled incorporation of statistics and data makes you sound authoritative and gives your article credibility.

 Tell a Story

 No matter what the content is, use the opportunity to build a story. Consider personal experiences, movies and media, observing the people around you, or browse any newspaper or magazine.


 How-to posts get as much as 55 percent more views than any other type of content. Why that is is because it is not only search friendly but because it solves a problem. If your target audience has a question or problem on their minds, provide them a solution with a how-to post.

 Set the Right Tone

 Maintain a positive voice in your content, show that you care, and be genuine in how you target your readers. Think of it as if you were talking to a friend. Keep it easy to read, light, and fun.

 Please feel free to refer back to this post regularly as you continue to build your website’s content. Remember, it’s not about creating a literary masterpiece. It’s about engaging the reader.

 If you do this successfully once, you should see your metrics begin to increase instantly on that post.

 Continue to do it successfully in the long-term and get ready to see more shares, backlinks, and a higher ranking in search results.

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