The Right Tactics to Succeed in High Cost Paid Search Clicks

The Right Tactics to Succeed in High Cost Paid Search Clicks
In competitive industries where CPCs are higher than average and paid search is more difficult, it’s still possible to find success by using the right approach. Don’t be discouraged from stepping into a space where per-click cost is high.

 Yes, some clicks are more expensive than others but you stand to lose a lot if you don’t engage in some way with PPC campaigns. So what do you do – follow these eight tips to a tee. This information should give you more confidence going into battle.

 Up your Quality Score

 ‘Quality score’ combines expected click through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. By manipulating a variable such as the amount of landing pages and the relevance of your keyword to these landing pages, you can boost your quality score. In a high cost-per-click environment, ensuring a high quality score is key.

 Eye up Location Targeting

 It seems basic but a surprisingly high number of people do not do location targeting well. Minimize wasted clicks by having your ad displayed in areas where they aren’t a waste of time. Target an appropriate geographic radius for your company’s business and check your website traffic periodically to ensure nothing outside of this is getting through.

 Search out Lower Bids

 On weekends, some advertisers turn their ads off. For anyone looking to save costs, this can be a great way to do so. Some bids lower by as much as 75 percent on weekends. Capitalizing on this can help improve leads over the weekend and even during the week.

 Know what’s Converting

 Cut back on the number of campaigns and give more funding to those that are converting. Especially on a limited budget, don’t assign more than is necessary to campaigns that are not producing the kind of results you want.

 Experiment with shared budgets

 A great way to address a limited budget is to build a budget which can be shared among several campaigns. This way, you don’t need to guess which campaigns are converting and can be excellent way to manage the volume which varies on a day to day basis.

 Jump into the Google Display Network (GDN)

 On GDN, costs per click are significantly lower in a lot of cases. At times, the cost can fall by as much as 95 percent. This makes the Google Display Network well worth checking out for placement and targeting. Many small businesses are recommended to start on GDN before moving to Google Search where the competition is far more fierce.

 Choose what Devices you Want to Use

 Most clients feel like a mix of desktop, tablet, and mobile is the right way to go for displaying their advertisement. Sometimes, clicks are lower on some devices than others though, which creates a cost-saving opportunity. Though it might not make sense for every client, optimizing what devices a given ad is designated to run on can significantly boost conversion.

 Look forward always

 When clicks are high in cost, don’t necessarily bet everything on a month over month or year over year analysis. Prices rise, new competitors enter the market, and things change. Always look towards the future and spend your time working on aspects of your business that you can control.

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