How Bloggers Make their Money in 2017

How bloggers make their money in 2017
Bloggers who do it well make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The highest earning bloggers in the world successfully diversify their revenue streams to make even more.

 How much money a blogger makes in 2017 however varies widely. If you are planning on making an income for yourself strictly through blogging, here are a few things you want to be aware of.

 Product Sales make more Money than Advertising

 Bloggers make more money through promoting other people’s products than they do through traditional advertising. Less than half of bloggers promote their own products, like online courses, e-books, and subscription content. Also, less than half offer their services as a consultant. By far, these are the three ways in which people earn on blogging.

 When you are thinking about how to monetize content, consider each of these three. Advertising revenue is based off views and it’s never easy to get those clicks. This makes is highly important to diversity in your blog, ensuring that advertising is not the only monetization method you have.

 Having More than One Revenue Streams really does Pay Off

 Diversifying is the way of the future. Don’t rely on just one way of making money. Bloggers are expected to produce articles but let’s say you wanted to begin adding accompanying video content or jumping into the podcasting world. By doing this, you grow your audience and thereby grow your income. This also opens the ways up in which you can do affiliate marketing.

 Anything you do as a blogger should be in keeping with your subject matter and related to your area of expertise. A blogger who writes on MMA for example, should not seek to increase readership by starting a podcast about music. These do not go hand-in-hand. Remaining on point is key. Do not deviate from your theme.

 Earnings Vary Wildly

 Earnings generated from a blog in 2017 varies wildly so have realistic expectations. It’s estimated that the blogs on Squarespace, WordPress, and Tumblr, total 440 million combined. Every minute, there are millions of new posts on blogs, social media, and YouTube. Bloggers are in competition with a lot of different content.

 According to data collected in 2015, only 11 percent of bloggers made over $30,000 each year from their blogs. Meanwhile, a little less than 70 percent of bloggers made under $5,000. This is why almost half of all bloggers also work a full-time or part-time job besides their blogging efforts. In all likelihood, the revenue you make from your blog is not going to be enough to support yourself.

 Making Money off a Blog needs to be a Long-Term Focus

No blog generates hundreds of dollars from the get-go. It could take a couple years for you to build up a sizeable audience to be able to garner a part-time wage off it. There’s no way to say for sure what the income potential is for you on a given topic. The bottom line for anyone should be to enjoy what you are doing and also to provide consumers with quality content. Building an audience takes time so don’t be discouraged.

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