These 4 Strategies Will Change the Way you Market to Millennials

These 4 strategies will completely change the way you market to millennialsMarketing strategies that once worked on baby boomers and Generation X no longer have the same potency with millennials. Throw out traditional marketing when it comes to millennials. Learn what’s important to millennials and the strategies that work with them. What resonates with millennials might surprise you and may indeed go against the rules of digital marketing in the past, but there’s no disputing how these strategies have worked time and time again.

 The new Rules of Brand Loyalty

 The days of brand loyalty are long gone. Brand loyalty today is not blind selection. From the perspective of a millennial, it’s about evaluating the experience of brand interaction. Therefore, a brand needs to constantly prove themselves time and time again. Dependence on a brand out of default is not how it’s done anymore. Actively work and re-work your brand, ensuring that each consumer’s experience is as rich and rewarding as it was the last time they came across your company.

 Disrupt and Innovate

 Disturbing the marketplace, mixing things up, and being uncompromising in your goals resonates with millennial consumers. Take Uber and AirBnB as two examples. These businesses eliminate the downside and negatives, providing only positives. Do the same. Take a hard look at your business and where the negatives are, from a consumer experience perspective. Eliminate those and you are bound to win attention from the millennial crowd.

 Define and Promote your Purpose

 Being driven purely by profit is not going to gain you any fans. Any company that has been successful marketing to millennials has done so by sharing their story and their purpose. This goes beyond simply making money. Millennials want to hear about what you’re doing to improve lives, to support the local community, and/or to make the world a better place. If you do not yet have some sort of charity initiative going, it might be recommended to start thinking about how you can make a difference beyond a simple profit.

 No More Neutrality, you Need to Stand for Something

 The rules used to be to never take a position on social, political, or economic matters. The reason was that it would alienate a segment of the consumer base that does not agree with that position. Millennials today are different. They want to choose brands that represent their socio-political beliefs and in that sense, it’s important for you to communicate your brand’s beliefs. When you take a stand, you will win over segments of millennials that you’ve never had before.

 When you are building your business, learning how to successfully market towards millennials is key. Find ways to get your brand to resonate with millennials and reap the rewards. As a marketer, you need to change with the times. What worked yesterday might no longer work today. Brand-building needs to be on its toes. Meeting this incredible challenge takes a lot of work, yes, but those that can navigate these obstacles can see their revenues skyrocket. Stay relevant, stay engaged, and build for your consumer base a positive millennial experience.

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