5 Ideas to Help Get you Started with your Video Marketing Campaign

5 ideas to kick-off your video marketing campaignLow cost ways to build your video marketing campaign is a reasonable place to start for anyone. For entrepreneurs and small business owners with big ideas but limited budgets, there are opportunities in the marketplace to take advantage of. Don’t count yourself out. If you have the creativity, the intelligence, and the willpower, you can accomplish a lot. Below there are five ideas to help get you started with your video marketing campaign.

 Build Screencast Presentations optimized to Share

 Screencast videos of slideshow presentations are a simple, inexpensive way to dip your foot into video marketing. There are many pieces of software one can buy to help them build slideshows, including some free applications. Write a script for your video, use PowerPoint to create the visuals, and then open up your presentation and narrate it into your video production program. If you don’t have the budget to invest in a proper 1080p HD video camera just yet, start here.

 Accumulate a Short Collection of Video Testimonials

 Highly popular among some businesses, video testimonials are a way to build trust in the online marketplace. Because of the way they attach a face to a testimonial, they are far more valuable than any text review. Even using just a couple video testimonials can help improve conversions. Additionally, the great thing about video testimonials is that the video quality does not necessarily need to be perfect. If anything, a well-produced video comes off as rehearsed. That’s the last thing you want in this case. Consider offering discounts in exchange for customers who are willing to film a video testimonial for your business website.

 DIY Animations can be Challenging but Rewarding

 DIY animations take time. Procuring them from a professional agency will definitely run you up thousands of dollars. If you’re willing to learn this skill on your own, you may be able to produce a basic video that adds some value to your video marketing campaign. There are several DIY animation tools out there to browse, both inexpensive and/or free. Though your animations won’t compare with those that are professionally designed, you can still craft engaging videos using the more basic tools of the trade.

 Tapping into Freelancers for Help

 In-house video marketing assistance is expensive and not needed for every company. Tap into the freelance market and search local classifieds to find a skilled freelancer willing to help. Audio mixing, for example, can be done by a local audio professional easy. It should not be difficult to find a freelance either to narrate green-screen videos for you.

 Tap into Live Video Streaming because it’s Blowing up in Popularity

 Live streaming is the future of video. Today, Facebook users spend three times more time watching live videos than consuming standard videos. Facebook Live is free to use and video quality does not necessarily need to be great. This can be the easiest way for a beginner to amass video content, connect with an audience, and to accomplish their video marketing campaign goals without investing in recording equipment and editing software.

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