10 Tips you Need to Know for Delivering Goods during the Holiday Season

As an ecommerce business, you NEED to make sure your goods are delivered on time during the holiday season.  as an Ecommerce Business

Delivering product in the holiday domestically and internationally is not easy. Consumer expectations are for on-time delivery and for some, the massive surge in orders can be difficult to manage. As e-commerce sales continue to rise, the pressure is on. There’s no need to sweat it though. Take a breath, sit down, and read through this quick list that might help identify where to focus in the weeks ahead. Here are ten tips on how to deliver goods during the holiday season.

 Shorter Forms are Best

 Lengthy forms is one of the primary reasons a consumer abandons an online purchase. Keep it simple for your consumers. Retain the base essentials and see a better chance at closing that final purchase at check-out.

 Label Form Fields Appropriately

 Label placement does impact shopper behaviour. Ensure that all fields are labeled appropriately, keeping the check-out process easy for the consumer.

 Address Verification-Type Ahead is Best

 More than 84% of consumers favour type-ahead address verification over others. This makes it quick and easy to enter details, and can actually improve the accuracy of addresses which thereby helps improve delivery efficiency.

 Verify your Keyboard

 Ensure that the proper attributes on your business website’s code are selected to obtain the proper keyboard. Data input will be faster, easier, and further reduces the chance that a consumer will abandon their shopping cart.

 Pay Attention to International Addresses

 This type of data needs to be properly processed for international shipping. An adaptive check-out form should adapt to the country selected, allowing customers an easy experience closing their purchase out.

 Choose a Reputable Courier

 When it comes time for delivery, make sure you have a courier with great reviews and quick delivery. Do your research. Calculate the right shipping rate and ensure that, especially when it comes to international shipping, that you are using a trustworthy company.

 Make Sure you can Track items

 The incredibly high amount of holiday shipments means that delays will inevitably occur. Always choose a courier that closely monitors shipments and that features tracking updates that are updated often and at all stages of the delivery process.

 Double-Check Shipping Documentation

 Missing information or info that is not correct will not be acceptable. It causes late deliveries and of course consumer disappointments which reflect poorly on your business-especially during the holiday season. Ensuring that all the necessary customer address information is acquired will guarantee that your consumers remain satisfied with your service.

 Avoid giving an Exact Delivery Date

 Delays happen. Manage expectations accordingly. Do not commit to a delivery data where you risk not delivering. If there is a delay, contact the courier and coordinate a solution as soon as possible. Then, notify the customer in real-time ensuring they are aware of the ongoing work.

 Prepaid Duty is the Way to Go

 As it pertains to international shipments, it is best to deliver while prepaying all duties. Though it can be less costly to have your customer pay the duty fees, you should note that if a customer refuses to pay the additional cost and return the item, it reflects badly on you. Plus, you’ll end up having to pay it anyway in this case.

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