7 Digital Marketing Trends that Don’t Work Anymore

These 7 digital marketing trends just don't work anymoreDigital marketing trends are adapting and changing faster than they ever have in the past. Cheap, organic-only strategies are on their way out in favor of paid digital marketing with a mix of high and low rewards.

 To celebrate the New Year, we are counting down the top 7 trends in digital marketing that just don’t work anymore. Though these strategies don’t need to be abandoned outright, you will need to evolve how they are used to adapt in the new marketplace.

 Long-Form E-books

 Text-heavy e-books are out. No one has time to read them. Mobile internet use has surpassed desktop usage and it’s time to adapt accordingly. The days of long e-books in PDF format are over. Invest that same effort into interactive landing pages, video, and online animation instead.

 Drip Campaigns

 The days of impersonal email marketing sent out to large contact lists are done. Don’t expect high engagement rates with these anymore. The best solution is to begin with personalized emails using personalized content based in a contact’s demographics, recent engagement level, and consumer behaviour.

 Too Much Marketing Automation

 Marketing automation is slowly being less and less effective on all accounts. Any marketing automation should be used sparingly in combination with internal marketing activities and should not be the sole driver behind a strategy.

 Complex Lead-Scoring Algorithms

 When an algorithm like this is complex, it slows everything down. To resolve this, focus on a simpler lead scoring system that avoids too many combinations of point values and eliminates negative point values.

 Quantity over Quality in Blogs

 Less is more. The internet is built end to end with content. More is not better. Readers want meaningful, quality content. Focus on building blogs that are focused on a single subject and define every blog’s particular purpose. Adhere to that purpose throughout.

 Relying only on Text-Based SEO

 Today’s consumers are driven by video and photos, and anything but text. People want videos, images, and audio. That’s a fact. Text optimization is not enough to drive quality leads anymore. Don’t do away with it entirely though. Combine it with video, images, and audio to maximize search result opportunities, and avoid depending solely on text to keep eyes on the page.

 Organic-Driven Facebook Strategies

 Organic reach on Facebook has never been lower than it is today. It’s highly ineffective and it continues to decline in power with each passing day. The platform’s algorithms have simply crashed its organic-only potential. Today, studies estimate that as less as 2 percent of your fans are seeing your post, meaning that unless you’re willing to pay for it, organic-only is not going to work.

 The digital marketing landscape is moving increasingly towards affordable, budget-friendly campaigns that depend more on creativity and smarts to outrank competitors.

 The digital marketing trends we mentioned will be dead-on-arrival before long, if not already. Make the changes that need to be made to ensure your company’s marketing is kept up to date.

 Also, be sure to continually update strategies every six months or so. Being on the cusp of the latest trends and knowing how to figure your brand into these new opportunities are key.

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