7 Ways to Increase your Email and Social Media Impact during the Holidays

7 effective ways to boost your email and social media impact this holiday seasonThis holiday season, get to know the things you need to do to get your customers ready to shop. Creating a schedule, having measurable goals, and building a personal connection to consumers are all key.

 Identify a Schedule to Implement and Measure Holiday Marketing Strategies

 Creating the right holiday marketing schedule should be about building momentum. Map out weeks and months with specific goals for each. The goals you target may be different from others companies’ depending on your category of business and your customer base, so remember to customize it according to what you hope to achieve in the weeks to come.

 Be More than a Sales Pitch

 The holidays should be a time to have fun but instead, consumers are left worrying what to buy. Don’t be sales-y. Develop content that is less aggressive during these months and provide consumers with something they can use, such as an informative blog, tips on throwing the perfect Christmas party, or even some sort of discount code for loyal customers. Just be helpful.

 Supply your Audience with what They Want

 Monitor social media fans and followers to see what content they care about this holiday season. Remember, customers are being bombarded every day with hundreds of marketing messages during the holiday season. To be successful in your email and social media holiday marketing, you need to know what consumers are most interested in receiving from your business.

 Don’t Put too Much on You

 Many small businesses are overly aggressive in their email marketing and social media campaigns throughout the holidays. They do too much and receive so little in return, and then are surprised their efforts didn’t work out. Be patient. Don’t flood anyone’s inbox with promotions. Build on a solid schedule of planned posts and strategies, and be reasonable.

 Exclusivity is King

 Build content in your email and social media marketing that consumers can’t find anywhere else. Be unique. The reason why people have signed up for email marketing or to follow you on social media are to receive unique content and exclusive offers. Deliver that to them.

 Make the Holidays an Event for your Company

 The holidays are about celebration so celebrate! You don’t necessarily need to wait for some sort of special shopping day like Black Friday to capitalize either. Set up an official holiday season kick-off event or plan some sort of celebratory event in partnership with a non-profit. Put your idea cap on and consider the ways you can give your store an events-like atmosphere.

 As a Small Business, you Need to be Authentic

 The only thing you have guaranteed over corporate retail or conglomerate corporations is that you can treat your consumers in a personable, authentic way. Be friendly and build on personal connections with consumers. Share your own holiday experiences and what’s important to you in a blog or through social media. If you put in the work to connect with your already-acquired audience, they are likely to respond in a favorable way.

 These 7 ways work across email marketing, social media marketing, and holiday marketing in general. If this is your first holiday season, building from these marketing tips can help lead you to a successful campaign.

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