A Look into How Digital is attracting more Holiday Shoppers

A look into how digital is attracting holiday shoppers like never beforeShoppers are hitting up e-commerce sites and social media for Christmas gift ideas in big numbers. The days of window shopping in retail are hardly over but the growing presence of digital is unmistakable.

 As consumer behaviour has changed and technology has made it possible to buy products from all over the world, more shoppers are seeking out unique gifts and storefronts on Facebook and Instagram. Subsequently, through app development and advertising technology application, retailers can now advertise entire catalogues of product via social media ads. Everywhere, retailers are putting their focus on social networks for the holidays. Here’s why you should as well.

 It’s Easy Shopping

 A consumer can sit down comfortably in their bed or on the couch and browse an entire catalogue with no pressure to buy. There’s nothing that can really top that. That said, brick-and-mortar stores can provide a more authentic shopping experience and many brands have noticed that. More today than before, online shopping ads for e-commerce websites are simulating a real shopping experience by allowing consumers browse merchandise and come across different ads like they would appear in store. By incorporating direct call-to-action for shoppers, the impulse to buy is still there and arguably stronger than it may be in certain stores.

 By setting up digital storefronts, it plays on consumer interest, can spur brand engagement into purchasing, and provides instant gratification to a shopper without them ever having to leave the seat.

 A Catalogue personalized to the Consumer

 Personalization options on digital stores is not something that can happen offline. Brands can now curate ads specifically to consumers according to that consumer’s interests. This means bigger sales numbers for the brand and a better shopping experience for the customer. Re-targeting efforts and consumer-facing recommendation components have a role to play here. Work it right and you can continually return the consumer to your brand.

 Users are expecting Ads throughout the Holidays

 Despite consumers being hit over the head with advertising year-round, come Christmas, a lot of users are not only expecting ads but will be looking for them specifically. Blending your digital ads seamlessly into content, personalized according to interest and preferences, is the right approach. Drawing in consumers is not about throwing everything against the wall. It’s about reaching out to a user’s interests and providing them with a message relevant to their preferences. The digital storefront is the beginning towards improving the consumer experience in a way that traditional brick-and-mortar simply cannot.

 Digital Holiday Shopping is a Thrill so make it Special

 The last point that deserves mentioning is that digital holiday shopping is a fun time for consumers. In terms of what this means to retailers, deciding what products to push and the marketing campaign you may want to enact should be based on keeping holiday shopping fun. The growing of digital shopping and especially how social media has come to impact digital shopping numbers, it can’t be ignored. Provide your consumers with a new avenue to buy from. By respecting consumers with a personalized digital holiday shopping experience, a retailer can successfully support brick-and-mortar advertising efforts and maximize sales on all fronts.

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