9 Google Chrome Extensions that are a Must-Have for any Social Media Marketer

9 Google Chrome extensions that are a must-have for any social media marketerSocial media marketers, entrepreneurs, and everyday consumers can each benefit from using these Google Chrome extensions. In terms of boosting productivity, increasing brand reach, and making it easier to post and share content, these extensions are highly recommended.

 Check My Links

 The Check My Links extension will search blog posts and articles for broken links which is integral to retaining the integrity of your site’s articles. It’s as easy as opening the page you want scanned, clicking the icon, and then when the check is concluded, you will see links highlighted in red, yellow, and green as appropriate.


 Momentum is a dashboard extension that launches any time a new Chrome tab is opened. The tasks you want to accomplish for the day are all listed. Create to-do lists as you please and check off tasks as you run through them.


 Grammarly is a very popular extension among blog writers and social media experts. Activating Grammarly makes identifying typos and spelling errors easy. It can be easily applied to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.


 Discoverly helps you to discover the different social media profiles that a person may have under their name. Integrate it with social media or Gmail and make it easy to connect to find a contact on the platform of your choosing.


 GIPHY gives you the capability to share GIFs on social media, email, and more. Browse through a catalogue of GIFs or go searching for one that appeals to you. Then, simply drag and drop!

 Share to Facebook

 The Share to Facebook Chrome extension is highly popular and lets you easily share content. Whether you’re reading an interesting article, have found a funny YouTube clip, or have just posted your own blog, this extension makes it a simple click to spread the word.


 This extension is designed to help consumers better manage their time and to avoid getting sidetracked by easy distractions. Time spent on social media constantly involves defending against distractions. The StayFocusd extension sets timers to help limit the time you spend on certain sites.

 Hootsuite Hootlet

 Hootsuite’s Hootlet extension provides the chance to find location-based content instantly. Hootsuite in general is a great application to use when making social media posts across different platforms, when you’re searching for the latest mentions, or when you need to search for content within a specified geographic region.


 LastPass is a password sharing extension that puts security as its highest priority. This way, a social media marketer can share account access to different accounts without requiring them to input a password. Create a master password to secure login details and block team members from access once they are no longer needed on a specific task.

 As a social media marketer, you may already be using some of these Google Chrome extensions. For anyone interested, browsing the Chrome extension platform for more apps to add can be a fun exercise in finding out what you need to make your day more productive. By using these extensions and others, streamline your efforts and see improved productivity almost instantly.

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