Attract more Customers with Pinterest and Build More Traffic

PinterestFor businesses having trouble finding ways to attract people to their site, in Pinterest lies an amazing opportunity to generate more traffic and build a growing subscriber base. More and more, Pinterest is attracting marketers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs for these reasons. We love it! See big results with these tips and tricks on how to attract more customers with Pinterest. 

Create Big, branded Graphics and Images for your Page

Pinterest hinges on the visual. To keep a user on your page and attract more eyes, you need to have big images, appropriately branded, and in a vertical, easily digestible format.

Let’s say you’ve never done graphics or images before. No worries! Building from a simple guide of two fonts or less, three colors or less, and ensuring the background image is relevant and high-quality can be a starting point.

Also, make sure your domain is featured in your image so that people know where it’s from.

Building Valuable, High-Quality Content

There’s no way around it. To generate enough interest for someone to look, relevant and valued content is a must. Make it something that means something to the user. If you get a consumer to feel an emotion, you got’ em!

Be Clear in your Branding

Always be clear in your communication. If you’re an individual blogger, make sure you have a name and a picture. If you’re a company brand, make sure you provide clear images and information on who you are.

Tailwind is a great Way to Schedule a pin to different boards

With just a couple clicks, you can spread a pin to a massive global audience using Tailwind. For any brand on Pinterest serious about building an audience, look into scheduling posts through this app. Also, the analytics component is a huge benefit to seeing how and where engagement is happening.

Build Email Subscription easy

Pinterest can generate traffic, sure, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to sales. By getting email addresses into your database, you have more opportunity to build long-term customers and sales from that. Don’t use pop-ups unless you really have to. Instead, lay it out at the end of a post or at the top of your website to subscribe.

Create an Introductory Page

Similar to an About Us, an introduction page may include a little info on you, links to some of your most popular content, and provide social media links and other ways to connect with your brand.

Link up Different Posts through your Archive

By linking similar content throughout your Pinterest page, you are better prepared to keep a user clicking through your posts and in turn, are more likely to build a returning reader. Remember, it’s about value. They’re likely to subscribe when you provide them with more of the things they love.

Pinterest sells readers on a brand and not on any one product or service. By evoking a desire to click and subscribe, in an image-obsessed culture, imagine the audience you can tap into. Whether they are sharing, subscribing, or buying, the attention stays on you. That makes it almost impossible for a reader to not take action in some way. By focusing on getting that click on Pinterest and following these rules, build a reader’s curiosity and turn it towards a sale!

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