Why not to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing ConsultantDigital marketing agencies sometimes come with a price tag that not every client is willing to accept. In an effort to save money, some go the route of hiring a digital marketing consultant instead. Though hiring a freelancer instead of an agency has its benefits, there are many reasons not to consider it. 

To begin with, hiring a freelance digital marketing consultant online does not guarantee you will find someone from Canada or the United States. In many cases, small businesses may find themselves challenged by international off-shore marketing consultants who lack quality and experience, unable to deliver the results you desire. In the short-term, they may be cheaper but no one wants their business to be represented by a consultant who does not understand your business or how to do the agreed-upon work.

The nature of freelance digital marketing also means that you’re investing a lot of time and money into one specific person. Your business will suffer if this one person ever unexpectedly gets sick, is in a car accident, or simply disappears. Sure, you can always hire another but then you have to re-educate a new consultant on your business. Why not to hire a digital marketing consultant boils down to the fact that the risks outweigh the costs. As a short-term fix, there’s not enough value in it to seriously consider anything less than some form of an agency.

The value of an agency is that you get an entire group of vetted experts at your side. Digital marketing agencies can easily be found all across Canada and the United States. With experience across multiple marketing channels, agencies ensure that every dollar you spend in marketing is being invested in areas where there is the most opportunity for growth. The perks are endless and there is no risk involved. If a marketing agency does not deliver on what they promise, kick them to the curb!

When a Digital Marketing Consultant might be right for your Business

Even though we may not recommend it, for some businesses, a digital marketing consultant is the most appealing choice. The most obvious benefit is that it can save significantly on cost. For a local small business, all they may need is a low-cost marketing consultant to come in. This type of investment is not going to net you a big return, sure, but it may provide enough growth to keep you going. Digital marketing consultants are also flexible, meaning you can hire them when you need them most and not have to accommodate them on a full-time employee agreement.

As a small business, you may be looking at growing your brand on social media or in blogging. By hiring a consultant who specializes in these areas, you can plug into their expertise without having to go to an agency.

The Truth behind Digital Marketing is that it requires investment

Hiring a digital marketing agency comes with a cost, yes, but it is well worth it. By pairing with the right agency, you should be able to make your investment back and then some. To any business owner concerned with their marketing budget, know that nothing comes for free. If you want big-time marketing results, it’s going to take time, effort, and money. By working with the right marketing agency partner though, you should see sufficient return on any financial investment you make.

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