6 Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Build a Content Marketing Strategy that wins

Business StrategyContent marketers swear by documented strategies to help them work more efficiently and deliver effective campaign performances. By documenting your content marketing strategy, it puts stakeholders at ease and clearly defines where things need to be took next. Creating documented content marketing also addresses the challenges at play, and the solutions that will be required to overcome them. 

Defining KPIs

No documented content marketing strategy works without first defining the objectives and KPIs. To anyone you show your content marketing plan to, expect them to ask about objectives. Address the problems your campaign will solve, what success is to this project, and ensure that stakeholders agree on this point of view.

Addressing the Target Audience

Compile relevant information that defines your target audience, including keywords, demographic data, and consumer behaviours. Thoroughly examine and acquire the necessary insights to plan for how to appeal to the intended group. Every target audience has a uniqueness to it. By addressing the challenges and goals that face those you are trying to market to, you can better create content that provides them with value.

Planning the Content out

Planning the content itself involves knowing what you will be talking about and who will be creating said content. Carefully select a series of conversations you want to have with your readers. Consider additional topics you may want your brand to engage with. Consider the formats you want to employ i.e. written text, video, etc. Keep in mind that your strategies are only as good as their execution. Everything hinges on finding the right people to create content, working per the directives you provide.

Creating Incredible, Engaging Content

Now it’s time to get down to the real stuff. If you don’t know where to begin, starting with headline ideas is a strong place to get going. From there, build a collection of images, internal tags, formatting, and KPIs that can be used to create and measure the success of each.

The Distribution of Content

After you have your content prepped for release, a distribution strategy is then required to ensure that content is being appropriately maximized. Even the most inviting and engaging content in the world can flounder without a solid distribution strategy. Know how you want to release across the different marketing channels you have.

Measuring KPIs regularly

The last strategy we want to highlight in building a documented content marketing strategy that wins big is following through on measuring KPIs regularly. Don’t let this be an afterthought. This is the only way to know whether a content marketing plan is working and/or can provide ways to pivot an existing plan to maximize success.

By examining KPIs regularly, you ensure that ROI is kept as a high priority and that any objectives you set out at the beginning are being achieved. Pay attention to how consumers are engaging with your content, where the traffic is coming from, and where traffic is leaving.

Now you’ve created a Content Marketing Strategy!

After all this, you should have a content marketing plan that is high quality and ready to execute. We know how overwhelming these processes can be at times so be sure to provide yourself with enough timeline to get everything done the way it needs to be. For any brand, documented content marketing is a great way to engage, plan, and execute.

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