Seeing the Rise of Drone Technology and what Marketing has to learn from it

Drone in CityDrone tech has hit the mainstream in a big way, being featured on everything from personal YouTube videos, to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show, to major Hollywood film marketing including recently for Wonder Woman. The advancements made in drone tech and its subsequent popularity among general consumers is hard to deny. Any marketer seeking to find ways to incorporate drone technology into their marketing plan, consider these four ways to do so. 

Capturing perspective from a drone camera

Drones are a cost-effective marketing tool, able to provide perspectives that would not otherwise be possible without big budgets. No longer does a marketer need a helicopter or a crane to capture exquisite aerial shots of a construction project, a real estate property, or event promotions. As long as you use a drone, a marketer has the opportunity to acquire high-definition video of their products and/or services that can then be shared online. The impressive video quality for most of these drone cameras make it an opportunity that many can’t pass up.

In-the-moment marketing pushes

Part of drone’s appeal is their ease of use. By reading the manufacturer’s instructions and browsing a few quick tutorials, anyone can get a drone up, flying and controlling it at will. For a small business, having a drone can mean an easy way to provide an in-the-moment marketing push that only requires a few minutes to get the drone camera up and the footage captured. Record and create content in real-time, and then send it out to followers. Fast, effective marketing has never been this easy.

Drones acting as a star feature of a marketing campaign

Much of the value in drone technology comes from its capability to capture video footage. Drones serve far more purposes though and can even be used as primary features of a marketing campaign. People like to watch drones be used in creative ways. There may be a way for you to incorporate drones into your business. Years from now, it may not be unheard of for small businesses to be using drones for delivery, in-house automation, and for other purposes. In terms of what is possible today, give some thought to how drones may be able to provide you with value that goes beyond its camera.

Drones as an advertising platform

Marketing ads on billboards, in print, on TV, and online have the potential to be transferred to drone settings. Marketers have the opportunity today to use drones to more aggressively get customers looking at their campaign message. Restaurants have already come to the table with this, using drones to advertise menus around a local area and/or banners to advertise nearby. Local laws may limit what is possible with a drone however by doing some investigating, a marketer may be able to find the right opportunity to ignite this aspect of drone-based marketing.

Creativity wins the day

Creativity is the ultimate distinguisher in drone-based marketing between what is successful and what isn’t. Beyond what we’ve mentioned, finding new ways to use drones to highlight your business involves doing things that no one has done before. There is almost unlimited potential in drone technology to do something visually magnificent.

Drones have the potential to drastically change what is possible in the world of offline visual marketing. For more information how to use drones in your marketing, consider getting in touch with Unlimited Exposure, the premiere Toronto SEO, SMO, internet marketing company.

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