Meet Linkkle, a Hub for all your Social Media Links

LinkkleHave you ever been restricted to only giving one of your social media links in a URL field – if so, check out this newly launched app. Before Linkkle, you had to choose whether you wanted to give your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Now, you don’t have to. Linkkle acts as your own unique page of social media links, providing the opportunity to submit a link to visit all of your social media accounts alongside some basic profile info. 

At times when you are searching for work and you want to give over some social media info, listing all of your accounts may not be most appropriate. Let’s face it. We all have our preferences as to what platform and interface we prefer best. By employing Linkkle in these situations, a user can refer their would-be employer or contractor to all of their social media links, networking them to where they need to be.

Let’s say you’re a budding influencer who is growing their audience across multiple platforms. No biography is going to let you share a bunch of links and even if they did, it might not be the best idea to provide a ton of links shortened up in the same place. Linkkle has a unique interface that makes it a little easier to navigate to different profiles and it gets all your information in one place. There’s no need to fatigue yourself with endless promotion for each social media channel when all you have to do is give over your Linkkle account. A user can browse for themselves.

For every day consumers, Linkkle also has a place. It’s not uncommon to have multiple social media accounts and even a few you may have forgotten about. If these profiles are public, Linkkle can act as almost a social media profile management tool. It takes some of the strain out of trying to juggle multiple accounts and instead, just points you in the direction you need to be.

Let’s make it clear though. Linkkle is hardly the first app to attempt to tackle multiple social media accounts in the same place. There are literally dozens out there, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, and purpose. What makes Linkkle so appealing is that it has a simple interface and is just easy to use. For the general consumer who just needs a place for their links, this is one of the more ideal tools to use. If you’re a marketer in need of a more immersive management experience, Linkkle may not be the recommended option evidently though you may find it has a charm.

Needless to say, Linkkle’s reputation has been on the rise this past month with an increase in reviews and feedback from users. As Linkkle undergoes further development and as more users tap into it, it will be interesting to see how an app like this is able to grow.

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