3 Ways to Engage Better on Social Media

Using Social MediaRunning an online business and website is time-consuming work. Though priorities add up fast, forgetting about social media reach is not an option. Thankfully, there are many ways to automate social media engagement, ensuring posts are turned out regularly on selected platforms. By automating aspects of one’s social media campaigns, this helps to keep things moving through the busier times of year while simultaneously ensuring your attentions are properly allocated. 

Take a look through your last few weeks of social media use. Analyze how much engagement posts have inspired and how you’ve juggled the different components of managing one’s social media. While, yes, we do support automating some tasks, there are other aspects of social media brand management that can be done by you. Fortunately, putting in the extra effort can win big points from followers and help keep the community engaged.

Responding to comments creates a dialogue

For any person who takes the time to leave a comment on your page, whether it’s positive or negative, that’s a big deal. By engaging with them and addressing their insights can be a fun way to reward their engagement. It also builds brand loyalty and helps provide a genuine human connection to those who have taken the time to like, subscribe, and/or become a fan.

According to a recent study, when a brand regularly responds to their social media account comments, it promotes a number of positives – approximately 70 percent are more likely to continue using a brand’s product or service, 25 percent of people are less likely to post negative reviews of a product or service, and 75 percent of consumers are more likely to share their positive experience through their own profiles.

Being Human on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that businesses are made up of human beings. At the appropriate time, social media is a great way to show a little bit about the human beings behind the brand. By putting a human face to the brand, it shows some authenticity and gives some insight into what might motivate the business. As important as other marketing techniques are, building trust with one’s audience is also a primary method to motivate success. Take the time to browse spaces such as Instagram Stories for opportunities to show whose behind your business.

Hosting social media contests to encourage engagement

Connect with followers through simple social media contests and generate fun vibes in your local community. We recommend choosing a price that is connected to your business in some way and that provides value to your audience. Some of the social media contests that have generated the most interactions for their respective brands in the past year include encouraging followers to post and tag a friend, encouraging fans to upload photos with a specific hashtag, and encouraging followers to share an image.

Consider investing more time into being social on social media. By increasing output and using these techniques, you can better engage your existing followers and slowly bring in others over time. Though automation is important for some tasks, automating every aspect of social media results in a very boring brand that non-followers are not going to really want to pay attention to. See real exposure, increased sharing, and capitalize on the social media opportunities ahead!

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