12 Key Differences between Blogs that Succeed and those that Fail

Blog DefinitionTo be a successful blogger, it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and luck. Before you quit your day job and decide to become a blogger, there are 12 key differences we would like to point out between blogs that succeed and those that fail. By knowing these, you just might be able to become a successful blogger yourself!

A blog is a business

The bloggers who succeed in turning their blog into part-time or full-time income are those who treat it like a business. Identify what you want from your blog, and invest the time and financial investment in growing it. The most successful bloggers in the world took it seriously from the get-go and were willing to make the necessary investments to get them to the next level.

Listen to the audience

Identify the target market and go after it relentlessly. Provide the target audience with the content they want, products they need, and services in line with their interests. At every opportunity, read their comments and deliver on expectation.

Set a schedule

Successful bloggers post consistently. Whether it’s once a week or five days a week, having a consistent schedule where readers can rely on new content, this is important. It builds anticipation in the audience and ensures that you are constantly turning out new, attractive content.

Quality rises above all else

A big differentiator between those who succeed at blogging and those who fail is the time they take in creating the most attractive, unique, quality content. Don’t rush it. Put in the effort to provide your audience something they won’t find anywhere else.

Set goals and reach them

To be a successful blogger, you need to be determined to set realistic gaols and then reach them. Consider page views as an easy target to begin with.

Plan ahead

Most blogging platforms allow you to write and set blogs to post for future times. Take advantage of this. Create content and plan blog posts in advance, as a way of giving yourself some time to relax and keep your mind off work. Prepare a content plan at the beginning of each month, knowing what subjects you want to tackle and when.

Stay passionate

Successful bloggers are, in general, very passionate about the subject matter they tackle. No matter what subject you’ve decided to write on, be passionate about your posts, the products you write about, and your website.

Foster collaboration with other creators

YouTube is the best example of online collaborations, where creators regularly help each other get more subscribers. Bloggers are very similar. Don’t hesitate to write for other blogs or brands, and use the opportunity to implement links to feed back to your site. Consider guest posts, collaborative webinars, or product promotion as opportunities for collaboration.


Taking the time to speak and connect with your readers is a helpful way to create a welcoming environment. Consider answering questions and comments, encourage the audience to leave their own thoughts and opinions, and take the time to engage them on social media.

Don’t work all the time

The world’s most successful bloggers know when to step away from the computer and get some rest. By working all the time, you set the work-life balance way off. Instead, set office hours and know when things need to be shut off.

There’s no sense in comparing yourself to others

There will always be someone doing better to you, no matter what category of work or activity you are in. Don’t compare. Instead, focus on yourself and your own metrics. By putting the focus on yourself, you don’t let anything stop you from continuing to grow and top yourself.


Beyond all else, successful bloggers are successful because they don’t quite. Success is not meant to happen overnight. Persistence and determination to be the best blogger you can be is required to make a name for yourself. Don’t get discouraged if things are not coming into place as fast as you would prefer. Take the time to evaluate how things are going and adjust.

Anyone can be a successful blogger if they put in the time and effort to be the best self they can be. That’s what we believe and there are countless examples to back that up. Be smart, work hard, and enjoy the merits of having your own blog.

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