How Does a Business Survive without Social Media in the 21st Century – a Discussion

How Does a Business Survive without Social Media in the 21st CenturyThe idea of not using social media for some businesses, they would consider it a death blow. Think of all the interest you’d leave on the table by not tapping into the masses on social media. Despite the risk, some business owners choose to go without social media.

Most marketers won’t hesitate to advise a small business to never abandon their social media accounts. There is certainly a lot of merit in this recommendation. After all, there are literally billions of accounts out there and seemingly endless reach. Many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and products have built their entire revenues off of what they’ve done with social media. That said, there are still some times when business owners feel the need to walk away.

Naturally, if one does leave social media, their world is not going to come crashing down around them. Their client list is not going to abandon them, their business website is still up and running, and other components of their online marketing campaigns are likely to remain in full swing. Let us be clear in stating that it is fully possible for a small business to be run without the use of social media in their promotion strategy. There are several channels that one may tap into when it comes to online marketing. At times, social media may not be a path you wish to go down. If this is the case, we recommend holding onto one’s accounts and checking in with email updates or any other pressing concerns that may come from social channels such as Facebook. Beyond that, taking time away is not a bad thing.

There are risks though. In today’s world, social media marketing is a great way to connect with consumers. It legitimizes a business, helps spread company-developed content, and is occasionally a huge lead funnel. By stepping away, you’re going to have to really kick it into high gear through other marketing channels. Search engine optimization, word of mouth references, and offline channels are going to mean even more. There might even be more work involved, having to oversee offline campaigns to gain business. Then again, if you have a waiting list of clients and are comfortable with where you’re at, you may wish to forego all of the effort and simply stick with what you got going on. There’s nothing wrong with that, however one has to admit that there are opportunities being left on the table.

Here’s where we’re at in the debate on whether a business can survive without social media in this day and age. To keep it simple, if done correctly, any business can survive without it however there will be challenges as it pertains to growth. For businesses that do engage in social media and they do so smartly, the potential is almost endless for customer growth and increased revenues.

As all of this is weighed, every small business owner should set aside some time throughout their week or month to take a step back from social media. A break away from things every now and again can help recharge the batteries, and helps provide some relief. Always ensure your email notifications are on and check these to find out the latest comments or reviews that may be posted to your page.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to step away every month or so and remind yourself of what it is to live offline. Take in the wind, watch the leaves on the trees, or go exploring. Recharge and believe us when we say that once you do come back to the table, you’ll be better off for it.

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