Do You Miss Any Of These 5 Mobile Website Features?

H5 mobile website featuresaving a mobile responsive business website is no more “nice to have’ creditability but it has become a necessity especially after Google’s Mobilegeddon update. Even if you already have mobile friendly business website, still, you need to do a lot for satisfactory traffic gain and to maximize your approach to target audience. After the roll out of Mobilegeddon, everyone not having mobile website rushed for mobile responsive business website; and, they got it with stunning design but many of those mobile web designs lack in essential features required to survive in competitive and volatile environment of digital marketing. Here, I sum up five essential mobile website features that you can't afford to miss.

1. Content Management System

Until 2015 before roll out of “Phantom Update-3”, business owners had a very common opinion that they don’t need to update, refresh or manage the mobile content. Overtime, this opinion changed because of the intense adverse impact upon ranking and traffic. You should start managing the web content to generate more leads, to offer new coupons and to answer questions. You should organize the mobile e-commerce content in proper categories. The served information should be RSS feed supported. Your mobile business or e-commerce website design should provide adequate space for media like snapshot galleries, slide shows, video library etc.

2. Search and Social Networking

Search engines results are not enough to feed you desired amount of traffic and leads. Your mobile website must have functionality to welcome social media signals. The website design should facilitate and encourage the users to share the content, coupons and offers.

3. Simple Navigation

Mobile screens have smaller space to display the functionality buttons; so, the navigation of your business website should be simple and displayed at each page. Vertical navigation design is a preferred choice over the horizontal navigation. The clickable points should be of figure size to keep the user on right track. Navigation with ‘Nested menu’ is a good choice for the ecommerce website design because such the business websites have large content amount.

4. Proper Display of Click-to-Call Button

Properly displayed ‘Click-to-call’ buttons contributes in 81% of sales oriented actions like call, store visit and purchase. The website design should invite the users to use ‘Click-to-call’ button. Click-to-call button is liked and used more than the form submission buttons. Personal interaction with potential buyer brightens the sales prospects; and, the same is ultimate concern to combine SMO and SEO for improved gains.

5. Adequate CTA Size With Standard Speed

Calls-to-action buttons (CTAs) should be large, and clickable. Large action buttons makes the website finger friendly for the visitors. The standard CTAs size is 44 x 44 pixels according to Apple’s iphone interface guidelines. I recommend using Seo site checkup and Dotcom-Monitor tools to check mobile web loading speed.


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