Joomla- The Features That Make It Choice of Millions Worldwide

joomla the featuresJoomla- The Features That Make It Choice of Millions Worldwide within no time after its launch in 2005, Joomla became world famous as powerful CMS software to manage, build, publish and organize the content for business websites, Intranets, mobile applications and variety of websites. Its scalable MVC architecture gives it excellent edge to compete with other options. Joomla had been downloaded more than 50 million times until February 2014 ; this data is enough to establish its credibility. Numbers of salient features makes it an optimum selection for websites, blogs, mobile applications and other digital space creation to register effective presence in digital world. Here I sum up some top ranking features that make open source Joomla the universal choice of web owners and website designers both.

1. Multilingual

Once you take on your business on internet, your business gets international exposure to different communities comfortable with different languages. Its multilingual CMS platform offers more than 64 languages; it means you get deeper penetration to your target audience for performing marketing.

2. Easy Upgrades

The competitive business environment needs periodic update of business websites to keep the target audience informed and engaged. Joomla has "One Click Version Update" feature that facilitates you to update the websites with new functionality, even if you are not a professional web expert. It also has built-in updater to automate the process as per your command.

3. Media Manager

Integrated ‘Media Manager’ tool with configurable MIME assists you in organizing, uploading and managing the media files. Joomla Media Manager is integrated with Article Editor to assist you access images and media files for enhancement of created content.

4. Contact Management

Contact Management is a great asset especially if you have mobile website with local SEO plan encompassing (ORM) online reputation management . Contact Management tool allows adding multiple contacts and departments for particular products/services categories. It also helps you to get the automated list of contacts of your community to help you tap and track their responses.

5. Content Management System

Unique content management system contributes at large in its ever-growing popularity. It makes the content development, organization and managements like a cool breeze. Inbuilt WYSIWYG editor allows the user to edit the content without access to code. Pre -installed modules help you to categorise the existing content according to assessed effectiveness that changes with time. Content Management system ranks at top among the essential mobile website features you can't afford to miss.

6. Mobile Responsive with Bootstrap

Can your business website deliver without being mobile friendly? Joomla Bootstrap is Mobile responsive; Joomla websites respond to all the mobile devices with same excellence. It is the cheapest source to create mobile website.

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