McDonald’s Now Accepting Snapchats as Applications

Do you want fries with that ‘Snaplication’? or maybe just a smile. McDonald’s is making applying to work at the fast food chain a snap by appealing to job applicants who use the popular social media communications app: Snapchat.

In Australia prospective hires can send a 10-second video ‘wearing’ a McDonald’s uniform via a Snapchat filter to employers. The global restaurant franchise trendily refers to this initial stage of interviewing as “Snaplications”. The mobile app enables users to make and send videos and pictures which self-destruct mere seconds after viewing. 

The application that highlights social aptitude traits cuts to the chase to showcase an applicant’s personality in a matter of seconds. This really counts to reveal enthusiasm in body language and that bubbly interpersonal quality that employers in customer service industries are looking for. After learning about Snapchat from his teenaged daughter and viewing snaps, Australia McDonald’s CEO, Shaun Ruming, believes that 10-seconds is all the information employers need to move hires onto the next stage of the interview process, and on to asking if you’d like a side of fries with your order.

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