Putting an end to Marketing Calls

Everyone with a cell phone has received a call from an unknown number at some point or another. Most of the time, it’s a telemarketer or an automated voice message. Not only are these calls irritating, but they’re also money wasters for all parties involved.

With fast-paced technological advances, one would think the popularity of spam calls would drop, as they were originally after landline owners. Unfortunately, these small organizations have adapted to target smartphones. If you’re assaulted with far too many telemarketing calls, here’s how to stop them for good.

First, put your number on your country’s Do Not Call list. While this doesn’t guarantee an end to all spam calls, it ensures that any telemarketer who cold calls you faces financial repercussions. Let the FTC know about any unwarranted calls you receive so fines can be given to the appropriate companies.

Once that’s taken care of, do a quick online search to see how easily your phone number can be found. Even if you only give out your number to trusted people and organizations, specialized companies can take that information and file it into a sort of electronic phone book. Put security measures into place to protect your number from being collected.

The next step is to block calls identified as spam from getting through to your smartphone. If you use an iOS system, you’ll find an information icon under the recents tab of your phone call history. When you come across a caller block confirmation, click it and watch the metaphorical barricades go up. If you use a regular Android system, click and hold the spam number in your call history and choose the block prompt when it appears. For any other version of the Android system, go to the settings section, click call blocking, and add the spam number.

Blocking numbers works for ones that have already contacted you, but it doesn’t prevent future telemarketers from dialing your number. The best way to do that is to download safeguard apps. Some come at a small price and a bit of setup time, but the good ones are worth the hassle.

Nomorobo for iOS systems ranks very high in utility among safeguard apps. You can try it out free of charge for up to one month, or start paying either monthly or yearly - $1.99 and $19.99 respectively. Once you’ve installed it, click the phone button in your settings and select Nomorobo under the call blocking and identification button. The app itself will then request your phone number to verify your identity. Now, whenever you receive a spam call, the app will immediately notify you. For safety reasons, this doesn’t apply to calls from legitimate places like schools and hospitals.

Truecaller is the next best app for warding off telemarketers can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows systems. It functions much like Nomorobo, though its instructions are much clearer and the cost is slightly lower at a monthly rate of $1.50. The only downside to Truecaller is its reliance on data connection, but if you can handle that, it could be the app for you.

If you dig deep enough, there are many ways to prevent telemarketing calls from getting to your smartphone. Just do a little research, put up your shield, and enjoy the absence of those spammy calls.

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