Plastic Braces: Another item that can now be 3D Printed

New Jersey Institute of Technology student Amos Dudley managed to 3D print his own functioning braces to straighten out his teeth for only $60.

In an attempt to avoid paying thousands of dollars for new braces, Dudley used his knowledge and materials to create a series of cheap pairs customized to fit his teeth. It wasn’t simple of course, as few things with a 3D printer are.

Dudley first read up on orthodontics to ensure he was creating several sets that would slowly shift his teeth into place. He then made a mold of his teeth for maximum accuracy, storing it in a recycled container and polishing it when it was dry.

Once those steps were complete, Dudley proceeded to laser scanning and developing a digital run-through of how his teeth would align over time. Each model was then printed in the plastic he’d purchased and sanded until smooth. After continuous use of each set of braces, his smile was stunning.

Dudley was able to successfully construct several working sets of braces to reshape his teeth. His idea was a great one, and all of his hard work paid off, serving as a perfect example for other ambitious students like him.

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