Microsoft’s new Phones won’t Look too Familiar

During its one-year hiatus, Microsoft has been hard at work upping the ante with the design of its new phone. With a less than 1% market share and $7.6 billion loss from the Nokia, the company is working hard to gain back its previously lost jobs with its Windows 10 Mobile, which will be complete by July of this year.

Microsoft is optimistic that it will continue to make phones, but the new models won’t have the appearance consumers are expecting. The tech business is putting its time and effort into creating a phone equipped to manage and safe-keep files, a phone that could function like a desktop computer. This is certainly different, but perhaps customers will like the idea.

For now, Microsoft is making its specialized apps downloadable to iOS and Android systems to target a wider audience. The company’s Surface computer, on the other hand, will reinforce the brand name and help it stand out from the crowd. Future plans may include the making of a Surface Phone, though Microsoft has yet to begin the development stages of such a project.

Continuum, the program that allows the phone to act as a desktop, still needs Universal Windows Apps to function properly, meaning it could be a while before the company produces a truly double-use phone. But with enough focus and hard work, Microsoft just might get there.

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