Tech-Savvy San Franciscan Creates Personal Life Adventures App

Former Google employee Max Hawkins had an admirable life from an outsider’s perspective. But he began to fall victim to the plague of mindless routine, and decided he needed a big change. That change came in the form of a randomizer app. We use apps countless times a day, everyday, so why not let one introduce a little adventure into your real-life experiences?

It all began with an app that used Uber to order a vehicle to a location determined by the algorithm. Max never knew where he was going with the app until he got there. This computer-selected “adventuring” soon began to choose random public Facebook events for Max to attend, and despite his concerns, no one found him to be out of place at those events, which ranged from acrobatic yoga to networking meet-ups, to pancake breakfasts.

Max took a leap of faith by attending a stranger’s dinner party that the app selected for him to spend Christmas at, and fortunately, that stranger was very welcoming. Max and his friend enjoyed themselves at the party for nearly six hours. Max has learnt that above all, people are genuinely welcoming, social, and have an innate urge to share their experiences and make connections with others.

Had Max chosen these events himself, he never would’ve gotten the same experience. The computer’s entirely neutral approach to event selection has forced him out of his comfort zone and expanded his horizons more than he ever thought possible, especially when randomized vacations to foreign countries within his budget came into play! It’s no surprise that traveling would be a key part of the app as travel pushes us past our boundaries – both literally and metaphorically.

The techie-turned-explorer has put aside the algorithms for now to enjoy his new life completing other randomizer apps in Los Angeles. He’s even begun to encourage others to attend public events on Facebook the same way he did and also gives advice to get anyone interested started.

Max’s lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it’s undoubtedly exciting and offers him a surprise around every corner.

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