Using Instagram Stories To Build High-Traffic Ads

he missing component from your marketing strategy is Instagram storiesInstagram has introduced ads to their story feature that fit perfectly between the other stories your followers view, and their short-lasting nature can either help or hurt the companies that use them. The first version of the feature only allowed users to expose their ad to the maximum number of people - a feature called Reach. Now, Instagram story ads offer conversions, traffic, video views, and mobile app installs as well.

Say goodbye to the days when you couldn’t attach your business website’s link to your story ads and say hello to the many things these ads now let you do. The users who view your ad can now be redirected to your company website through the call-to-action function, which they’re sure to click if they like what you’re offering. Because so many people take the time to watch Instagram stories, even below-average ads have a chance at creating site traffic. Having said that, better ads almost always get better results.

If you’re new to the world of Instagram story ads, fear not - they’re quite similar to normal Instagram ads. Construct your story ad with either Power Editor or Facebook Ads Manager, first defining your ad’s main goal: Traffic, Conversions, Reach, Video Views, or Mobile App Installs. Once you’ve completed that step, click on the Edit Placements option under Placements, then press the arrow next to Instagram and choose Stories. You can then decide whether you want to make your ad one image or video.

It’s important to put your ad in portrait format, as it will cover the entirety of the user’s screen when they view it. If you’re using a video, make sure it’s less than fifteen seconds long, less than 2.3GB, and either a .MOV, .MP4, or GIF file. Add text to your image or video before uploading it if desired.

Now that you have the option, put in the link to the website you want to redirect potential customers to. Include the call-to-action feature to influence conversions, site traffic, and app installation. Consider employing the Learn More feature, which can warm new customers up to your company. When your ad is finally complete, edit and preview it before you submit it.

Many companies have begun to benefit from the interaction factor of Instagram story ads, but you won’t have much customer interaction if your ad is mediocre. To make a big impact in a short amount of time, present one of the problems your company is looking to fix, and provide your solution to it. Create a fun aesthetic instead of relying solely on photos. Distracting customers with outstanding photography could prevent them from clicking anything.

Finally, end your story with a still photo that showcases the clickable parts of the ad. Pointing out the call-to-action symbol or giving clear directions to your viewers can help direct quality traffic towards your website, spread the word and ultimately generate sales. If you use Instagram story ads to your advantage, they could be your company’s new secret weapon.

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