How to Build a Mobile-Responsive WordPress Website into a High-Traffic App

Mobile AppBeing mobile-responsive is a huge component that any WordPress website should be equipped with. Let’s say you want to take things a step even further than that and build a mobile app from your WordPress site, you’ve probably run into the fact that it’s not easy. Learning how to build an app from scratch is not only difficult for even experienced coders, it’s also expensive. 

For a fraction of what you would pay for a native app build, tap into high-end WordPress plugins that will do all the heavy lifting for you. Let’s be clear in stating that having an app for every WordPress site is not necessarily a must. If you believe an app would improve the customer experience though or if you wish to tap into some traffic you might be missing, it’s something worth considering.

So You Want to build an App from your WordPress site – Here’s what you Need to Do

To get going, a WordPress site needs to be mobile app ready. That means ensuring it has a responsive design. Looking into your site’s analytics to see what devices it is being viewed on is also a pretty good idea.

From here, there are several WordPress plugins that can help turn your WordPress site into an app. Admittedly, some are better than others. Here are the top four apps we recommend to choose from.


MobiLoud does not require a user to have any knowledge of how to code an app and will do everything that needs to be done for you. Currently, the MobiLoud brand has two app services. There’s MobiLoud News which is designed as an easy conversion for news and/or blogs. Then, there is MobiLoud Canvas which is more diverse for more community-based, ecommerce, and other types of websites. Create, publish to the app store of your choosing, and there you go!


Build Android and iOS apps easily with AppPresser. There are customization options included with AppPresser however you need to be somewhat knowledgeable about coding or at least be willing to learn to use this. AppPresser is a powerful visual builder but if you aren’t technically inclined in this space, it might be worth checking out another one of these options.


Web2App works because it’s easy to use, affordable, and is a WordPress go-to for anyone looking to build a simple native application. Even better, it requires no coding! Web2App works on a 4-stage template and when completed, you have your app. It’s that easy. Also, you can easily monetize your app through a compatible addition known as Admob.


The last addition to our list is Wapppress which is a lightweight plugin that can be used to build out simpler applications. With Wapppress, you don’t get the same list of features or customizations as you would with some of the other choices but it’s a premier plugin with enough benefits to it to check out. For any content-generated sites like news or blogging, to get started in the mobile app space, you can’t go wrong with Wapppress.

The secret to going from WordPress site to a fully functional app is investing the time and money to do it right. Building an app through any of these tools is a great way to tap into a whole new audience.

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