Meet Google’s Advanced Design, a New Standard of Account Security

Cyber SecurityOne of the most secure accounts and the latest example in internet security companies attempting to fend off the determination of hackers comes in the form of Google’s Advanced Protection

Any user concerned with hackers breaking into their Google accounts need be recommended the Advanced Protection feature. Widely praised by many in the internet security industry, Advanced Protection demonstrates some of the smartest, most secure authentication anywhere in the world. That said, due to the high security standards maintained by Google, it’s not the easiest feature to operate. To many everyday consumers, it may present more of an inconvenience than a benefit.

To set up the Advanced Protection feature, a user will need to carry with them two tiny devices. To log into your Google account from a new device, these two tiny pieces are required. These are called security tokens which are designed to prove your identity – one going into your computer and the other into your smartphone. No one can log into your account anywhere without these two devices in their possession so short of robbing you, you’re secure!

These keys are purchased separate from Google and can be found for anywhere from $17 to $25 and above. Then, after you have these two items in your possession, a user needs to activate the Advanced Protection feature. At this stage, a user selects a password and registers their devices to the account. From there, Smart Lock is required to be accessed on a user’s smartphone to assist in the authentication process.

All of this might seem a little tedious to set up but Advanced Protection does everything it’s supposed to do. We’re also sorry to say but the tediousness doesn’t stop there. To access your Google account under Advanced Protection, you are required to use Chrome. No non-Google apps will have access anymore. That also means the ability to export your Gmail messages to another client is no longer possible.

…and it doesn’t quite end there. If you lose your two security tokens, you’re pretty much out of luck. Advanced Protection will immediately kick in a three to five day period of locking you out of your account. Then, you’re able to gain some level of access, allowing to essentially set up your account once more.

All of this might seem a little intense for the everyday Gmail user. Truth be told, unless you’re harboring some big secret that you don’t want anyone ever finding, activating Google’s Advanced Protection may be a little much.

For those concerned about security though, it may be more than worth it. There aren’t many guarantees in internet security but this is the closest thing to being able to say that no one else will be able to access your account but you. For hackers to circumvent Advanced Protection, many would consider it impossible.

That said, just because hackers can’t see your secrets, that doesn’t mean Google won’t take a look. The Advanced Protection feature falls short of protecting your email from Google. Thereby, anyone who hacks Google technically could access your account. How valuable Advanced Protection is more or less depends on the person. If you don’t mind the inconveniences, Advanced Protection will protect you from anyone specifically targeting your account. To any movie icons, rock stars, socialites, and general famous folks, this may be a godsend!

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