5 Techniques to Increase Active Users on any Mobile App

Woman using appDownload rates don’t mean anything to an app if it does not have the active user count to back it up. To maximize mobile app engagement, one must focus on a series of strategies to retain the attention of the user. 

A highly engaged user is ideally what any mobile app developer wants, which is someone who checks into the app for a minimum of ten sessions per month. Though not every user will be “highly engaged”, anyone who checks in on average once every three months can be considered a user successfully retained. The unfortunate fact about mobile applications is that user abandonment is high. It’s estimated that 23 percent of users use an app only once and never return to their accounts. With high competition in the marketplace, increasing active user count needs to be a focal point of app development. Here’ are five techniques to get you started.

Strong, seamless on-boarding

The more difficult an app is to use, the less anyone will want to use it. Thereby, onboarding needs to be a simplified process with not too many steps. Studies have shown that onboarding has the potential to increase a user’s lifetime value by as much as 500 percent. To onboard successfully, you must make logins easy, never overload the user with too much information just on opening the app, and help guide the user through using any unfamiliar features.

Push notifications increase user retention

Push notifications get the user coming back again and again if what you provide is of value to them. Push notifications have the potential to increase user retention by as much as 180 percent and users who opt-in on receiving these notifications typically have 88 percent higher app engagement than those who do not. Learn when the right moment is to send out a push notification and always use these to encourage users to perform a specific action.

Personalization compels the consumer

The more unique and personalized an app is to the consumer, the more likely they are to remain engaged. Finding ways to use user data to build relevant content and material can up the value of an app in the eyes of the consumer. This can be as simple as including a user’s name on the screen, personalizing messaging, and targeting push notifications.

Incentivize app usage

There are a number of ways to incentivize mobile app use including rewards, specialized content access, special promotions and coupons, and exclusive offers. Corporate retailers have successfully used these incentives to get users coming back to their app regularly. Depending on the nature of your application, there may be creative opportunities to incentivized regular app use.

Product iterations and update implementation

By regularly updating an app with new features and content, it will keep a percentage of the user base coming back to check out what’s new. To do this successfully, monitor analytics to see what is working and what kind of user behaviour is evident. It is important when updating, to ensure you are providing something that the consumer has not seen before and that it’s not an update that didn’t need to be undergone. Always provide value.

By using these techniques, you run a far better chance at increasing active users and upping user acquisition numbers. By giving consumers a reason to come back, a brand can build an audience of qualified, long-term customers who are eager to participate and engage.

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