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Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017

Each year at Tableau, They start a conversation about what’s happening in the industry. The discussion drives the list of the top big-data trends for the following year. These are Tableau, predictions for 2017.

2016 was a landmark year for big data with more organizations storing, processing, and extracting value from data of all forms and sizes. In 2017, systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise.|
The market will demand platforms that help data custodians govern and secure big data while empowering end users to analyze that data. These systems will mature to operate well inside of enterprise IT systems and standards.

Where are things headed next?

This paper highlights the top big data trends for 2017 including:

• Big data becomes fast and approachable

• Organizations leverage data lakes from the get-go to drive value

• Spark and machine learning light up big data


Thanks to Tableau for their report.


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