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Link Audit Services We are living in a world of rapid advancements in technology and security, which makes the online security present extremely vital nowadays. The links that direct to your website, or in other words backlinks therefore should be accurate, safe and without any negative aspect.

And in the event that they are or you need to prevent such bad backlinks, the best choice is to get professional link audit services assistance. Since it affects your website ranking and therefore your user traffic, the bad links and backlinks directed to your page may lead to serious consequences such as penalties you may face or losing your position in the search engines.

In order to take advantage and prevent this from happening, you need the professional SEO audit assistance that is the technical and important step in clearing your website from bad links. At Unlimited Exposure, we care for your exposure and work with the latest Google Webmaster Tools to collect each data connected to your URL and filter it accordingly. While maintaining all of the good and valuable backlinks to your website, we will take care to block and remove any potential threats and recover your website if it already suffered from such.

Moreover, Our Link audit services focus on two things – an intense scrutiny of link profile and a smart backlink removal strategy.

  • A complete link profile of your web page is compiled and each link is scrutinized for value and relevancy.
  • We search for any existing or potential problems. Our backlink removal services identify and exterminate bad low quality links.
  • We make sure to verify all the data linked to your website, including any anchor text, percentage of relevancy, prevalence of corrupt environment etc.

Our expert team of link analysts takes great care to provide the best link audit services – manually. This ensures no room for errors unlike when automated systems are used.

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