Benefits Of Content Crowd Sourcing That Make Marketing More Effective

Today, content marketing is inevitable practice of any SEO and SMO plan irrespective to its size and prime objectives. After the Panda Update in 2011, the search term “content marketing” started to move upward on the graph of popularity. Nowadays, everyone is after the content marketing for one reason or the other. On the other side, cost of quality content development is a big concern for the web owners with limited budget. Ever increasing action on social media platforms gives us a solution called ‘crowd sourcing’- a new term defined for business marketing.

What is content crowd sourcing? Literally, Crowdsourcing is a strategic practice to engage the group of people for the common objective. The basic principle behind the concept is that more brains are better than the one. The biggest benefit of this practice is that you receive better quality since many people enrich the outsourced product with their best skills, experiences, ideas and support for betterment. The same practice is followed in the content outsourcing to make it less expensive, more engaging, better responsive and real time.

Online buyers demand more quality content to be informed about the latest. According to Crimson Marketing report, “Almost 70% B2B buyers use the social media as the research tool; and, half of them use social networks to share their experience about the deal and brand .” Crowd sourcing helps to get new ideas for content curation that will be more in line with likings of potential customers. Use of external sources for content marketing helps to balance the workload of promotion. Crowdsourcing helps the marketers to get the unique perspectives, innovative insights and out of the box ideas to create fresh content. Content created and shared by the community members is trusted more than the content created by the web owners and marketers.

Everyone in the community wants to say and to be heard; the successful content crowd sourcing makes such followers and fans loyal to the brands you promote. As the end users share their experience, Google gives value to their comments. You can use these comments to revert back with back link. The crowd-sourced content becomes the investment of your potential clients; so, they remain interested in your business; result is improved repeat traffic, more leads, better conversion rate, and good rank in search results.

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