Video Marketing

Video production of the highest quality is essential for your business and business website to stand out among the competition and make its mark. Video is king when it comes to content marketing. Recent statistics demonstrate that 96% of customers who shop online watch video ads, prefer video content, and say these videos make them more likely to purchase a specific product. A video gives you the chance to not only TELL your story but to SHOW the story behind your brand, the process behind your product, and what makes it unique.


The proof is in the numbers - video content and video marketing needs to be part of your online strategy. It is essential in today’s digital world and will increase your bottomline!

Unlimited Exposure is the top choice for video content marketing and video production in Toronto. Our skilled video editors are prepared to create an array of unique digital video marketing products which include video testimonials featuring your clients, corporate videos, product videos, behind the scenes videos, training videos, promotional videos and video advertisements.

Our #1 aim is to wow you by creating promotional videos that tell your brand’s story and give your customers an inside look at your services or products. When a shopper buys a product, it’s because they’ve made a connection with your brand. Our video production services will no doubt strike a cord with your audience, resulting in higher revenues. In addition to delivering incredible results every time, you can rest assured that we’ll involve you in the video production process every single step of the way. Although the videography services market is quite crowded, we want you to feel like you’ve made the right decision by trusting us with your video content. Your business website will never be the same once you choose Unlimited Exposure as your preferred videography company!

Video Production Services
Are you ready for a Hollywood-style promotional video? Our experienced team will work hard to turn your vision for your corporate video into a reality.

Video Editing Services
Once we’ve filmed the rough footage, our editors get to work to make your video truly stand out. Our video services include top-notch creative editing features like music, over-dubs, voiceovers, scene cuts and other post production magic to make your video shine!

Video Content Management, Publishing and Dissemination
Our job doesn’t stop once we put the finishing touches on your corporate video. We’re way more committed to you than that! Based on our arranged agreement regarding your video content and overall project, we can host your new video, maintain your business’ YouTube account or create DVDs if need be. And it’s doesn’t even end there! In addition to the regular maintenance of your video content, we’ll also distribute and market your videos to reach your target audience, attract new customers, and increase your website conversion rate.

At Unlimited Exposure, we go above and beyond to make sure your video production efforts are a success and reach the right people so your business can soar!

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