Inbound Marketing

Unlimited Exposure understands your mission as a business owner -  to have people find your website and to have those same people purchase your products or services. Let’s explore how to do exactly that. Consumers have an uncanny ability to tune out online ads simply because today, they’re everywhere! Therefore, you cannot rely on online advertising alone to increase your sales. Today’s digitally-minded consumers only seek out a product online when they have a specific need or problem to solve.

This specific search activity allows for businesses to engage directly with potential clients while they are visiting their website. Inbound marketing is the term used to define the process where a user searches, finds, gets informed, and then purchases a product or service. This activity truly symbolizes the digital age of marketing that we’re all currently living and experiencing.

The goal of inbound marketing services in Toronto is to draw clients to your business website, obtain leads, and transform them into loyal customers. As a digital marketing company in Toronto with over 20 years of experience, Unlimited Exposure drives quality traffic to your website by creating relevant, unique content that will inform and give something of value to each and every visitor. Inbound marketing is a success when visitors provide you with their contact info, thus becoming a lead.

Every component of inbound marketing is part of what we like to call a “new customer sales funnel”. This sales funnel’s aim is to attract consumers, convert them into clients, and then close the deal. As a business owner, you want people to find your business site and get their contact info prior to them leaving. When you nurture this type of relationship in an effective manner, visitors will become buyers. From the point of view of your prospect, this translates to researching, locating, getting informed and then buying (if you’ve given them what they’re looking for). Inbound marketing is a great way to expand your Toronto business and generate quality leads that will turn into sales.

Here’s a bit of insight into our custom sales funnel and inbound marketing process. What’s unique about Unlimited Exposure is that we base our strategies on your consumers’ internet activity:

-Drawing in customers, converting them into leads, and ensuring sales.
-Marketing plans to outline the process to target your business prospects.
-Website optimization and web design to facilitate consumer engagement and promote sales.
-Conversion plan that will encourage the generation of leads.  
-Content marketing that will have your target audience feeling educated and informed. This includes content creation, development, and distribution.  
-Proven SEO tactics to reach the right people.
-Social media marketing that promotes engagement and increases your online presence.
-Sales plans that will encourage consumer engagement and promote sales.
-Metrics and analytics reports to evaluate and then optimize business performance.

Trust Unlimited Exposure with all your Toronto inbound marketing needs to obtain a strategy that’s tailor-made for your business. Contact us today to start generating quality leads that turn into sales!