Tips to Republish SEO Content with License

Convincing and compelling 3rd- party content is being used widely to add extra edge to digital marketing. It helps you to keep the wider segment of audience engaged and informed through numbers of websites and interactive channels including social media. Getting the quality and purpose oriented content every time can be a costly and complex affair but republishing SEO content with license takes care of this issue ensuring several benefits including- choice to choose the best, accountable SEO support, quality management, regulated compliance, time saving etc.

The growing trend of republishing SEO content with license proves the commonly experienced effectiveness but you need to do it strategically. Everyone is after republishing of SEO content for cost saving and other benefits; following tips will help you to do the same but in different manner for better gains.

First publish the original content on your website and let it indexed before sharing it with others. Do not use 100% content for republishing. Ideally, limit the 30% text part to be syndicated. Ensure that your republished content has a link back to original content. Better, if you use a sentence to direct the readers to original and complete text. You can use RSS feed also to convey the message to relevant readers on other network. Thumb rule for licensed content marketing is- ‘Emphasize to get your content syndicated rather than syndicating the content from other sources.’ In case, you are using licensed content, add ‘canonicals directives’ in page coding to acknowledge that you are using 3rd party content. Check, if your content needs to be blended to other party’s brand; if it is, check the suitability of co-branding. Before licensing any content, you must have formal agreement with other party defining costs, rights, ownership and usage etc.

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