Tips To Diagnose and Fix Google Penalty Issues

The unexpected Google penalty is not something new. Despite doing the best to follow the Google’s guidelines, your website may still suffer with penultimate action. Matt Cutts sates, “Google initiates more than 400,000 penultimate actions every month”. Many times, it goes unnoticed unless your website gets serious impact on search result ranking. Can you afford the shocking slip in search result ranking because of Google’s penalty that too without knowing the valid reason? Following tips will help you to diagnose and fix the Google penalty issues for quick damage control.

Diagnosing Google’s Rank Drop:

Many factors contribute in website’s ranking; so, it may be difficult to pick up the cause of rank drop at first sight on analytical reports. The best approach for you would be to narrow down all the possibilities. What type of rank drop do you see? The rank drop may be for a single keyword or for the whole website. You may use WordStream, SEMrush or Google Search Console like free tools also besides the Google Analytics for the keyword tracking report. The most probable reason for keyword rank drop may be the change in searching behavior. If you see a ranking drop for the whole website, then, you have been hit by manual penalty or Google’s algorithm update. The answer in both the cases leads you to strategic approach for fixing the particular Google penalty issue.

Fixing Google’s Rank Drop Penalty Issue:

Avoiding rank drop penalty is the better practice than to do damage control after being hit. I recommend periodic SEO audit to fine tune the website and promotional activities strictly as per new or updated search results algorithm. If you ever experience the Google penalty, follow these quick tricks to fix the issue:

  • Disavow spammy or unnatural links manually
  • Find and fix broken backlinks
  • Make the anchor text diversified
  • Remove all the duplicate content
  • Create quality content
  • Correct robots.txt file format
  • Stop any black-hat SEO practice immediately

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