Chat online Vs Phone call, which one I should have on my web!

phone vs chatIt is a well established fact that interactive websites perform better in terms of leads generation, conversion rate, repeat order and community building etc. Chatting, phone call and email support are the critical interactive tools to empower the websites to keep the visitors engaged. However, many of my clients often ask which one of these is most effective; and, I always rank chat online and phone call supports before the email support. Majority of online buyers avoid email route to get the required information because it is time consuming and full of uncertainty in response; still, you should have this communication tool on your website for the interactions that need documentation support and previous communication record. The chatting and phone call are the preferred support channels because of being instant responsive. Both have their own importance; so, you should essentially have both of these. However, discussions over chatting vs phone call may help you to manage the online support better.

Chat Online A Must Have Marketing Tool:

Live chatting has emerged as the most efficient communication tool to personalize the users’ experience by filling the voids left out by traditional communication tools like email or phone. It gives the clients benefits of email or phone besides being more involving and coinvinient. The internet user doesn’t want to wait for the response, so, chatting is going to be an essential marketing instrument in future. Following are some experienced benefits that make chat online essential to have even if you have phone call and email support-

1. Personalized Interaction

Online satisfaction of customers through chat feature is highest; 42% prefer chat online while just 23% buyers use email support. Live chat creates a relationship with visitors and strengthens your brand for Internet Marketing .

2. Improved ROI

Online chatting is personalized and instant; so, you interact with the visitor when he is in mood to buy. Personalized support strengthens the brand image and trust of visitor; both the inspiring forces help the visitor to buy with confidence.

3. Brand Recognition and Community

Personalized interaction becomes a memorable experience for the clients that they share in community like your brand champions; in return you get local SEO support. Mouth publicity and shared experiences create awareness about your brand and expands the community

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