Five Tips to Help You Use Data to Make SEO Content More Relevant

five seo tipsGoogle and other leading search engines are making significant shift from traditional SEO to content rich quality promotion. Despite numbers of content oriented algorithms changes, the importance of relevant keywords and meta data is intact; however, numbers of other factors also have became powerful to contribute in content’s quality. According to statistics, Companies blogging about the topics that create the interest of target audience get almost 67% more business leads. How do these people assess the content topics that their clients explore? Following tips will help you use data to make SEO content more relevant.

1. Relate Keyword Research To Clients’ Interests

You need to do something different to make your SEO Keyword Research users centric. You should use ‘Google suggestions, titles, meta description and Google AdWords on 1st page’ as the road map. The takeaway is: figure out the keywords that your potential clients use.

2. Optimize The Content Format To Retain Readers Longer

Data driven approach helps you to do more rather than just optimizing the content format to retain the readers longer. You should prepare a data sheet to inform about - the best day to share new content, the best-shared content for particular keyword, best performing content type, post format that performs the best. The takeaway is: you can use ‘BuzzSumo’.

3. Distinguish Content Creation Ideas

Coming up with new ideas to retain the interests of your readers is a big challenge but you can simplify it with data driven approach. You should prepare a data sheet informing about- titles/meta descriptions that catch your attention, content type that ranks, headlines that put value to content. The takeaway is: Headline Analyzer, Quora, Reddit and hubspot and other social media platforms are great source of content creation ideas.

4. Spend Time With Free Keywords Search Tool

You should spend more time with Google AdWords Keyword Planner to get fair idea about the most relevant and performing keywords and the keywords groups. The takeaway is: make the ‘traffic forecasts’ your road map make SEO content more relevant.

5. Use Google Analytics To Put Your Clients Into Action

Google’s analytics is free tool designed to help you know your customer behavior. Use the data to fix the priorities and SEO values of keywords. The takeaway is: drive your content marketing with insights from Google analytics.

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