Five Essentials of Content Marketing to Support SEO & SMO in 2016 and After

Rfive essentials of content marketingecent shackles added search results algorithms have made the content marketing more important than ever. In 2015, it emerged as the most popular and practiced commercial trend for digital marketing; and, I find this trend getting more power in 2016 and after successful online marketing. According a report contributed by Jayson DeMers at Forbes, 76% B2C marketers use content marketing; and, 60% marketers take effective and engaging content production as a top challenge. When majority of marketers is after the content marketing, you need to do something special to be noticed in crowd by the search engines and audience both.

1. Documented Strategy

Documented strategy is more likely to deliver better. The core outlines, time frame, actionable steps, social media selection criteria as per SMO plan, audience categorization for particular type of content creation, purpose of content sharing and goals to hit etc should be defined properly.

2. Defined Audience Segments

You may wish to address the widest community of potential clients but you can not address each segment with same quality content. You need to produce different type of content to address different clients’ segments. Your content marketing strategy should categorize the target audience according to personal, behavioural and local traits.

3. Vision For Content Creation

A boost to business gains is the common perspective for online marketing but highly competitive environment loves the uniqueness and relevance. Each piece of content created should be evaluated on the scales of effectiveness, purpose/business plan orientation, relevance, mobile SEO practices, suitability for particular segment, risk involved etc.

4. Content Execution Strategy

Content execution strategy helps you to create variety in content modalities. You should know when to post, where to post, when to follow up and when to refresh. Customers like variety with purpose in posts; a Content execution calendar will help you track the actions.

5. Plan For Content Amplification

Effective SMM needs lots of quality content; it may be a challenge for the eCommerce websites or the small business owners with limited budget. Content amplification is the solution. Content amplification is relatively a new term; so, get indulge into this practice to be an early bird for competitive advantage. You should have strategy to involve customers, freelance review writers, relevant bloggers, stakeholders, influencers and employees etc.

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