Backing up your Social Media Content

If you have a number of social media posts that you don’t want to lose, there are a number of different steps you can take in order to ensure your social media profile is backed up safely and securely. Downloading your profile, content, and contacts is a good way to make sure you have everything saved securely so that you do not lose any information that’s valuable to your brand. Specific measures can give you the ability to ensure that your business is always going to run smoothly, no matter what might happen.

While this is a subject that certainly demands a great deal of additional research, there are still several things that you can try, in order to guarantee your documents, files, profile, and other elements are safe:

Save your long-form content: Save to Word (or another file format), which you can then save locally and to the cloud file service of your choice.

Back up your mobile videos: Make sure to always save copies of videos prior to uploading them to social media sites or elsewhere.

Back up your photographs: The advice mentioned for mobile videos should of course be kept in mind with regards to photographs as well.

Capturing testimonials: Screenshots can definitely prove useful in this regard. You do not want to lose sight of or waste time searching for that unique review that was posted to your profile.

Download your profiles and pages: Most social media hubs have options that will allow you to back up your profiles and pages. If they do, follow the steps outlined. In most cases, you can download several elements of your page or profile so that you have it saved.

Exporting contacts: You should always make sure your contacts are regularly exported and downloaded so that your network of contacts remains updated.

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