Facebook Tips for Entrepreneurs

Are you taking advantage of Facebook as a powerful marketing tool? If you’re not sure whether you’re marketing your business correctly on Facebook or not, we’ve compiled some tips to get you started!
If you fail to follow Facebook’s guidelines, especially concerning Facebook ads, your business can get into some serious trouble. Facebook is known to deactivate businesses' advertising accounts due to improper use.
Make sure to publish a post to your business’ Facebook page once a day. Your followers will notice if you haven’t been posting . Make sure that most of  your posts provide valuable info--remember, if you don’t give your fans a reason to keep coming back for more, they won’t.

65% of your posts should consist of valuable content or useful tips for your audience. Avoid only posting ads on your page as this does nothing to build brand identity. An alternative way to consistently advertise your product is to link back to your site. This way, while you aren’t directly advertising the product, you’re giving the viewer a chance to see what you have to offer while they visit your site. It may seem counterintuitive, but subtle advertising is often the most effective.

Boost the posts that link to your website or specific product or service for as little as $5. You want the link you include to take the user directly to the product or service you mention in the post. You want there to be as few steps as possible in order to make a purchase.
Be sure that your image follows the guidelines regarding boosted posts (we’ll get into this below) and then select your target audience. The fact that you can choose who to target is by far the best feature of Facebook ads. Targeting options include age, location, gender, interests, occupation, income, shopping habits, and more. Take advantage of the fact that Facebook knows more about its users than almost any other website.
When boosting a post, make sure your image contains no more than 20% text. If your image has too much copy, Facebook will not allow you to use that image for advertising purposes. What’s great is that Facebook has a grid tool that can help you determine if you’re within the limit.
We hope these tips fire up your entrepreneurial spirit and get you thinking about taking your social media game to the next level! Remember, building a brand on Facebook is all about letting your company’s unique personality shine through and building a community around it. Bring something new to the table, and people will stay.

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