Drawing Attention to your Website via Instagram

Yes, it’s indeed possible to draw the eyes of potential customers to your Instagram page without posting pictures of magnificent landscapes or decadent meals. The photo-centric social media site is steadily growing in diversity and generating sales for startups, and now is the time for your company to take advantage of that.

One of Instagram’s most popular features is the space in each user’s biography to insert a link. If you create a new video, web post, or special offer that you want people to see, put it into your page’s biography and post a picture about the update with a caption directing your customers to the content.

For a more advanced approach, consider using Instagram ads. These ads are shown to users whose likes, interests, and location align with what your product offers, and they’re all equipped with a click function that takes the user right to your page. Setup is much like that of Facebook’s clickable ads, allowing you to choose a target audience based on specific criteria. The service costs as little as $5 to use, a real deal in the world of advertising.

Another lesser-known tactic is to use the tag-a-friend phrase in some of your posts. By encouraging your followers to tag one of their own followers in the comments section of your post, that new potential customer automatically receives a notification and can easily find your page and the link to your website in your biography. Even if they don’t make a purchase, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you if your page is intriguing.

Our final suggestion is to run a contest with a prize that appeals to your target audience. The prize should be the first thing to get their attention, and after they enter, their chances of following you will have greatly increased. Now that you’re in their good books, they’ll more than likely become a customer.

If you take the time to carefully craft an eye-catching profile, effective ads, and irresistible offers, Instagram could be your key to gaining revenue.

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