How to Write an Outstanding Blog Post in under an Hour

Every writer has moments where they struggle to coherently get their thoughts down on paper, or to move past that dreaded blank page on their computer screen. Some days are good, others are bad. However, it is possible to write a compelling blog post no matter what phase you’re going through - and here’s how you can do it in less than an hour.

Start with the basics by creating a mind map to effectively organize and brainstorm your ideas. You can do this on a spreadsheet or a blank sheet of paper, whichever you prefer. When you have everything sorted out, look at what you’re providing your clients and readers, and identify what could cause them to turn you down or stop reading. Writing down questions to ask yourself and answering them truthfully will help you shape your blog post for your intended audience.

Model your blog post after others that have been successful in recent months. If you choose a popular company to rival on Buzzsumo, for example, make your content relevant to your business and more interesting than its lookalikes. A great way to make sure you’ll appeal to your audience is by looking at what they say about the subject on sites like Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

To ensure your blog post comes across as inviting rather than imposing, check it for authenticity, credibility, and authority. You want to appear genuine to your readers and potential customers, and to do this, you need to be honest with your message, friendly with your wording, and accurate with your data.

Think this is impossible to do in under an hour? Think again. Once you’ve got the body of your blog post, come up with a catchy headline with head-turning elements in it, like big numbers or unusual phrases that relate to your content. Your opener after your headline should be short and simple, but should command the reader’s attention.

Make sure your body content flows well with its preceding sections while integrating a good mix of practicality and emotion; going too far one way or the other can push readers away. For the conclusion, reword the message of your blog post in a hopeful, inspiring way, and try to write the final sentence with a satisfying rhythm or rhyme.

By staying focused and putting all of your effort into writing a blog post, you’ll turn out excellent content in under an hour, intriguing readers and bringing in customers.

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