Need-to-Know Rules when Creating Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads - Did you know you could get banned from Instagram if you don't follow their advertising guidelines?If you frequently use Instagram for marketing, you won’t just need to create good advertisements - you’ll also need to know the social media platform’s rules to avoid being banned. Read on to discover the most important policies Instagram requires marketers to follow.

When you post an ad on Instagram, you immediately give the social media platform the ability to use it in certain ways. Instagram obtains the rights to the ad, though these rights can be given to others as well, and can use it for free even if it generates income. Instagram can also sell their license to a third party that can then use your ad as they wish.

All of this means that advertisements with outstanding photos can be used by Instagram or other entities without compensating you. Most of the time, Instagram chooses not to do this, as it could quickly ruin their reputation. But marketers are warned of the possibility before they begin to advertise on the platform so they won’t be surprised if it ever happens.

If your company chooses to do a contest or giveaway on Instagram to grow its following and customer awareness, you have to make it clear that Instagram has no part in it, stating that the contest isn’t linked to or funded by the platform in any way. Failing to do this can result in a banned account or another unwanted outcome.

Be sure to include the rules of the contest itself, noting the policies, participation requirements, and prizes either in the post or in a link that directs users to a page with all the information they need. Don’t forget to mention that they must correctly tag any content they post that’s related to the contest to ensure others know that Instagram isn’t affiliated with it.

The most important part of advertising on Instagram is to make sure you abide by the rules of copyright. Users who post their own photos automatically have the rights to those photos, and no one but Instagram itself can use them without asking first. Although photo reposting is a common occurrence on Instagram, it’s usually done with the original poster’s permission and the appropriate tags.

When copyright infringement occurs, the two parties involved are encouraged to settle it themselves before it becomes a legal dispute. Usually, they can come to an agreement, but sometimes, a legal dispute is unavoidable. Fortunately, most users are okay with having their content shared as long as it’s properly credited. Simply be aware of negative consequences that could occur if you share posts without taking the proper precautions.

For now, this is a complete overview of Instagram’s online marketing terms and conditions. However, the platform is allowed to add, remove, or adjust anything on their list, which means your company should frequently check the website for new changes. Only larger changes are often broadcast soon after they’ve been implemented. As long as you follow the rules and ask questions when necessary, you’ll have no problems advertising your company on Instagram.

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