Think your Social Media Accounts have Nothing to do with SEO? Think Again!

Think your social media accounts have nothing to do with SEO? Think again!Although Google has made it clear that it does not use social media success to rank search engine results, your business’s social media accounts are still extremely important and strongly linked to SEO. With both tools, you’re aiming to gain trust, generate site traffic, make conversions, and provide outstanding service. This is why SEO and social media go hand in hand.

Just behind Google in the search engine hierarchy is YouTube, which means your company should be using it whenever possible for ads and videos. Tangible results will take a while to see, but they’ll appear in good time if you closely follow an effective strategy. Keep your focus on creating social media content your audience will want to consume, and you’ll naturally go up in the rankings.

Because search engines index a large quantity of social media content, typing a company’s name into the search bar will often turn out that company’s social media accounts as some of the first results. Content that’s been highly interacted with is more likely to be indexed, so if your content is good and you adjust your accessibility settings to rake in more views, your company’s SEO ranking will automatically rise.

The more digital sources link to your website, the better your SEO will be. Links are a confirmed ranking factor, and they’re best inserted into social media posts for easy viewing and sharing. Unlike sneaky backlinks companies drop onto seemingly random pages, links on social media will direct a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Authority, the perceived power that a digital entity holds, is another component of SEO ranking. Being more influential on social media will give you more authority and therefore a higher ranking. Make your content easy to click and respond to, expanding your reach far beyond what was possible without social media. Reaching potential customers and holding their attention will improve your SEO and your sales.

SEO is much more personal now than it was when it first appeared. Social media is all about connecting with other people, and companies that use this to their advantage benefit much more than those that don’t. Instead of cramming as many keywords into your profiles as you can, use wording that appeals to the human mind. Analyze your audience’s likes, dislikes, age group, gender, socioeconomic status and any other relevant elements to create content more tailored to their lives.

If your business is local or targets a smaller audience, insert location-related tags and links whenever you can. Social media provides many different geographical functions for businesses, which often results in customers visiting stores and buying merchandise more quickly. While you should still use keywords when applicable, location tools can be what makes your target audience choose you over your competitors.

Today’s SEO isn’t all mechanical and machine-based. People like people who are imperfect, genuine, and approachable. If your company can emulate these through social media, the increase in your site traffic and SEO ranking will surprise you. If you’re unsure of where to start, it’s always a great idea to hire an Internet marketing agency to guide you in your SEO efforts.

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