Why you need Evergreen Content to Create and Maintain your Audience

Why evergreen content is the only way you'll attract and maintain an audienceTo a certain extent, your company’s digital presence can be summed up by the amount of traffic that your website and social media profiles receive. Statistics show that less than 10% of bloggers collect more than $1,000 in profit per month, while less than 5% pass the $10,000 checkpoint in that same timeframe. Seems hopeless, right? Not exactly. Your saving grace is evergreen content.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of evergreen content, it’s the stuff that generates more than half of your website’s overall traffic despite its age and stagnation. To create such influential content, you can’t expect to spend a half hour at your computer screen whipping up a keyword-heavy article that will draw in your audience and make loyal customers out of them. You need to appeal to your readers with creative language and fresh concepts, but most of all, you need to give them something helpful.

Surprisingly, the most important element is the one that most writers miss when developing evergreen content. Trying to sell something to someone who thinks they already have everything they need rarely works. By highlighting or creating a problem and following it with your company’s solution, your readers will be convinced they’ll be gaining something by purchasing your product.

That sounds easy enough, but many content creators shoot for evergreen status by developing posts that are unnecessarily long. Anyone who puts in enough time and effort can create a ten-page article chock-full of valuable information that a handful of individuals may like. This kind of content, however, is not universally desirable. Being too thorough isn’t appropriate when you’re trying to intrigue your audience weeks, months, and years after your creation’s publication date. Very few people will bother to read it all the way through if it’s too intimidating.

Instead of focusing on the length of your evergreen content, figure out the problems your audience is experiencing and which of those problems your company solves. These problems shouldn’t be petty; they should be as poignant as possible, and you should provide a better solution than any of your competitors. Make your customers think before you try selling anything to them.

If your content needs to be lengthy to get your point across, don’t fret. It can still be evergreen as long as it’s honest, helpful, and coherent. Length depends partly on the industry you’re in, which means some companies will consistently turn out longer content than others to maintain its significance. Shortening up your piece just to save your customers from reading a longer-than-normal post will only hurt you.

Visual information can help those who desperately need to reduce the length of their evergreen content. Photos, illustrations, graphs, and other aesthetically pleasing components can keep your readers engaged while still helping them. Do everything you can to gain and hold your audience’s undivided attention.

When you decide to create evergreen content, remember to control its length and help your customers. Your brand will be unforgettable if you perfectly solve one of their problems.

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