The Social Media Marketing Tools that every Marketing Agency should Use

The social media marketing tools that every agency should be usingIf you’re looking for some new tools to liven up your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll list some of the best new programs and apps for digital marketing. Read on to find out what these game-changing - and affordable - new tools are.

First on our list is Loom, a Google Chrome feature that turns recorded content into a shareable video immediately after the recording is complete. You can easily share these videos by email, with the options of downloading, deleting, and assigning passwords to them. If you already have Chrome on your computer, you can download Loom for free and send its contents to recipients on any platform.

Just Good Copy is a website that provides visitors with examples of quality email copy. Type in any email subject in the search bar or tag function and conveniently browse the plethora of results you’ll fobtain from popular sites like Trello, Dropbox, Upwork, and Pinterest. You’re bound to find something helpful, no matter your situation.

Have trouble organizing your browser tabs? Sort them out with TabCloud, a free program that can open and group together the sites you visit most often. For a seamless experience, sync your setup to other web browsers and use it for this purpose as well. TabCloud is currently only available for Android but will soon be compatible with iOS operating systems.

What with the popularity of Instagram and other photo-based networks, it seems that much of today’s app development revolves around enhancing photos. Refine your photos with the $1.99 TouchRetouch app. Simply purchase on your iPhone or Android device, choose a function, and tap the parts of the photo you want to fix. WriteBehind can also spice up your photos, but instead of touching things up, it offers customized text that you can place behind photographed people and objects. Skim the app’s website to see examples of what it can do. It’s free to download, but users can make in-app purchases for upgrades, ranging from $0.99 to $6.99.

If you need to write emails of a specific length, get TinyMails for Gmail, a plugin that counts the words in the emails you create and the time it will take for recipients to read them. For quicker typing and content creation, try TextExpander, a tool that replaces acronyms and short-form words with their longer versions. TinyMails is free, but TextExpander costs up to $7.96 per month.

Is your Instagram or Twitter account devoted solely to marketing? Consider getting Storeo or Bynd for free. Storeo splits short-length videos into smaller segments for a perfect Instagram Story playthrough, while Bynd monitors the success of your posts across different social media platforms. If you’re looking for something fun, download GIPHY Says to create text gifs of your content and send them to customers to promote a more lively interaction.

These tools are just a few of the thousands available to digital marketers today, and new ones are being release everyday. Be sure to test out a few to see which benefit and suit your company’s needs the most before deciding which to keep.

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