These Social Media Tips Will Save You Ten Hours Per Week

These Social Media Tips Will Save You Ten Hours Per Week

Social media marketing is made easier by the fact that every popular social media site is free for anyone to use. In exchange for a bit of personal information, you get access to loads of information and connections you wouldn’t have otherwise. Unfortunately, marketing on these platforms is so common that you have to put in endless hours to not only stand out, but also to have any effect on your revenue.

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t doomed to follow this time-consuming routine for the rest of your company’s life. You can save tons of time on social media advertising while still being successful on every social media platform, and it’s simple to do. How? You’re about to find out.

Get familiar with batching and start using it. Some companies opt for the reactive response method, interacting with brand loyalists and potential customers whenever their brand is mentioned on a social media site. If you have several employees ready to respond at any given time, this strategy could work for you. Your target audience will know that you answer questions and address issues as soon as they arise, which makes you extremely reliable. But if you’re trying to save time, this method probably isn’t the best choice.

Batching is the alternative, and it involves setting up time slots throughout the day to monitor your company’s social media accounts and respond to anything that came up during the time that you were away. This way, your audience receives responses later than they would with former method, but just as consistently. For some, batching is hard to get used to. If you’re going from constantly checking your accounts to only peeking in at predetermined times, it can feel as if you’re not doing enough work. It simply takes practice to get used to.

Another way to save time and still succeed on social media is to curate content. Complete originality is nearly impossible to achieve, no matter what industry you’re in. Take someone else’s content and add to it. Making something better and providing references when necessary is an excellent strategy. Focus more on posting frequently and less on how unique those posts are. It may sound like we’re ranking quantity higher than quality, but that’s not quite it. You have to find the perfect balance between the amount of content you post and how good that content is.

To figure out how often you should be posting on social media, take a look at your metrics and analytics. You may be posting more than you should be, and by publishing content less frequently, you could increase the rate at which your audience interacts with it. Figure out which social media platforms need the most attention and dedicate more of your time to them.

Yes - it’s really that simple. If you can get a handle on batching, content curation, and metric evaluation, you’ll cut down the time your company spends on social media and still get results as good as or better than before.

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